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The Lady of Shalott

MA in Canadian history who enjoys snacks, cleaning, sparkly things, and living in bizarre rural parts of Canada with her boyfriend and complaining about it.

By The Lady of Shalott on Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

Also wow, the spambots are getting out of control on this site.

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By The Lady of Shalott on Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

I have been angry--very angry indeed sometimes--and the thought of designing and building a house best suited for Flat Stanley still makes me cower and gawk at that level of rage.

cutting that side of the house off from sunlight, fresh air, and anything that isn’t a very angry brother going “THIS IS YOUR FAULT, YOU JACKASS.” Presumably. I think that's 100% correct. 100%.

More of this please!!!

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By victorian rose on The Things We Hide

Fuck you Geoffrey.

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By honey cowl on The Things We Hide

I'm having a really hard time discerning whether this is satire of ridiculous women's websites and their floofy articles, or if these are real people hiding their dirty dishes in their beds. It has to be the former right? Super clever, snappy former???? RIGHT?

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By YoungLeafedJune on The Things We Hide

First off, "She believed them to be monogamous, but for Geoffrey it was a different story" is a bullshit way to say "Geoffrey, a dirtbag, was cheating on his girlfriend." Second, the worst time I forgot to hide something was when I had a motivational screen saver of people I was jealous of or had crushes on, etc., and my mom came over to visit, and I left it on, and she was like "isn't that that [smart, attractive] guy from your high school [five years ago][who you barely knew but I know his mom]?" and I was like "NO!" and dove towards my computer, and now (four years later) she still mentions him to me all the time in this fake off-hand way even though we're pretending like she never saw the screen saver.

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By fondue with cheddar on Lorde talks online "cleanliness," subtweeting and new luxuries ("I'm gonna buy a double bed. I'm just gonna do that")

"I do all my social networks and everything is very much the way I want it to be seen"

Unfortunately, so do the teenagers who post "unclean" photos.

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By on 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

@25688079@twitter Why are you assuming that we haven't read it? It's required reading in most Gender/Women's studies classes and still part of the feminist canon.

Posted on August 7, 2013 at 3:04 pm 8

By mirepoix on Danielle Steel on being asked if she's "still" writing: "I think it is something that only men do to only women, and not just to me"

Not to deny that this is indeed something that happens and that it often reflects an inherently sexist mindset on the part of the questioner, but in this instance the question doesn't really seem that unreasonable to me. I mean, Danielle Steel is a wildly successful author, who I can only imagine has made enormous buttloads of money, and who is nearing the age when one might plausibly think she would be considering retiring and taking it easy for a while. Is it really that strange to wonder if she's still continuing to write? I wouldn't see anything strange about asking that of a male writer in the same situation.

Again, I have no doubt that this is a problem generally -- and in her post Steel lays out plenty of examples of more egregiously condescending and belittling remarks made to her and others -- but sheesh, was it really that silly of a question to ask?

I guess when one has been worn down by a lifetime of this sort of thing it's probably a lot harder to swallow.

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By stonefruit on Interview With a Feminist Mormon

@fjhhgde oh for Pete's sake. These spammers are getting really out of hand. Crappy ASCII art? Are we back in 1997?

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By Mae on Man Quits Internet: Goodbye, Hugo Schwyzer

@stuffisthings Dude, next time you have an impulse to charge in and tell the ladies they're doing feminism/progressivism wrong*, maybe try checking that impulse and reading up on the situation first?

*As I recall, this is not the first time you've done this.

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