On Are You Normcore?

Yeah, it's just 90's clothes, but I guess instead of embracing the wildest aspects of a "vintage" style- like with bright mod 60's prints or something- the 90's is just coming back in a much weirder, subtler way. The woman in the side strip sweat pants, white t-shirt, french manicure, and high heeled tennis shoes actually made me angry. her normcore was coming at me all wrong.

It also seems "shitty baseball cap" is a vital part of this look.

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On Are You Normcore?

@zeytin The return of the mom jeans specifically an odd look to come back, it really makes everyone have the longest butt ever.

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On Are You Normcore?

@Lily Rowan Normaling!

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On Alternate Diets For Your Brain

Not only am I obnoxiously invested in the gluten debates but I also found this very funny! My husband was kind of diagnosed as gluten intolerant and not eating gluten seems to help his belly problems (not just GRAIN BRAIN but also WHEAT BELLY) he still seems to get sick randomly even when he's really careful. I have some my own- Frasier Crane Brain- you can eat whatever you want but you will be a pompous windbag, David Wain Brain- you can eat whatever you want but you must be eating it with a cast member of Wet Hot American Summer, Raising Cane Brain - you can eat whatever you want from their delicious menu of chicken fingers and Texas Toast but you'll also become a rable rouser who is literally always "rasining cane" and everyone will tire of you.

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On How to Dress for Things You Hate

@Meow I don't think it's elitist to be bummed about taking a job to pay the bills that isn't what you really want to do. It sounds like she was depressed and was dressing sloppy but that the earnings made her feel a little better about herself. I know when I worked retail in between working jobs more in line with my goals, it made me fucking depressed, but of course, there are people who thrive in retail and restaurants. That was not her situation.

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On A Bold Notion for Baby Showers

@tjdubya I'm on the same page, I do not like traditional super girly baby showers. But some people do and I think that's okay? Rather, some older people do and eventually we'll grow up to be older and it will be a non-issue. I do think that the assumption that owning a womb makes one more interested in celebrating babies silly because plenty of us womb-owners don't care and some men are actually dads (or not) and would have interest. But I still stand by the fact that you can't control every circle you move in (work, family) and a non-traditional shower might not be appropriate and it's this one bit of gender essentialism that I don't think is worth fighting if it will cause drama. It actually seems like in this story it didn't cause drama so it wasn't really a story at all. My 80 year old great aunt who died shortly after my wedding wanted to throw me a traditional girly bridal shower and I accepted it gratefully.

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On A Bold Notion for Baby Showers

@tjdubya My friend and I threw a very fun baby shower- it was Michael Jackson themed and absurd. I will say that it was a girl's only affair (as those were the names the baby-haver sent us.) I'm not opposed to guys and girls but I also feel like a guy would be bored at a traditional baby shower (as many women are.) I would not want to surround myself with people who like those stuffy traditional kind of showers but you don't have as much control over who you work with.

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On Here Is Lorde's Birth Certificate

@Helvetica WHY did I start reading all of the People comments? Because I hate myself? I am also strangely excited that Lorde and I have the same birthday (not the same year because unlike her I am an old.)

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On 20 Songs by Women that Will Turn 20 in 2014

@RachelTheC I remember looking so longingly at Oooooh on the TLC Tip when I was around that age but knew never in a million years I was getting my mom to buy me an album with a bunch of condom covered ladies on it. I even felt like she was going to get mad at me watching the video for Baby Baby Baby so I would like switch it on and off when she walked by. By the time CrazySexyCool came out I thought I was too cool for pop music (but of course, know every word to all the singles and have to acknowledge they are excellent jams!)

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On 20 Songs by Women that Will Turn 20 in 2014

@Counter Clockwise I definitely was! I thought the artists were turning 20 and I was like "Lorde isn't old enough, maybe CharliXCX is turning 20? How did they find 20 female musicians so young?"

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