On A Girl's Education in Little House in the Big Woods

I am pretty sure most of my corsetry kink can be attributed to the lines about Pa being able to span her waist with his hands. Do you think that's even true? Even for someone with really big hands, that would be a freakishly small waist.

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On Things I Could Do with My Ped Egg Foot Shavings

Okay seriously, how callused do your feet need to be to make using a ped egg be not painful? Because on the one hand I have a fair amount of hard skin, but the thought of effectively taking a cheese grater to my feet sounds like it would not make things better.

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On Good Man Profiled

Uggghh, the Good Men Project. Worst of all is how it swallowed What About Teh Menz, which was an awesome blog about men and patriarchy run by Noah Brand and Ozy Frantz, and now all of it seems to have disappeared completely.

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On Q: Why Does This Grape Tastes Like Cotton Candy? A: Because It Was Genetically Engineered to Taste Like Cotton Candy

Everything that tastes of cotton candy belongs in my mouth, so I vote yes.

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On "I don’t want her to wear her good nature like a gemstone, her body like an ornament"

@jaimebee tho My mum told me that when I was growing up (in Holland), she was always surprised at how rude Dutch parents allowed their little kids to be, but let some things slide with me as a result that she wouldn't if we were still in the UK. And then when we were older she said she realised that freedom as kids had helped us become much more confident, assertive, self-assured teenagers. I'm sure it made a huge difference.

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On Behind the Scenes at Camp Gyno, the "Best Tampon Ad in the History of the World"

@Llllauren When I was 11, I got asked to be on the CD to go with an English language textbook (I think they picked me because I had an English accent--there was an American girl there too, and an Australian boy and another English one). I was super excited and convinced it would make me famous (I was not a bright child). Then, the morning of the recording, the floodgates opened. I always get really bad cramps, but the very first ones were completely agonising. And my mum only used tampons, so she had to go next door to ask our neighbour if she had any pads, which she did, but they were huge--I suspect they were incontinence pads. And I had to go to this recording, so my mum gave me some aspirin (which did NOTHING--it's taken me fifteen years to discover the only thing that puts a dent in cramps for me is naproxen) and I spent most of the day faint, bleeding, aching and miserable on the floor of a recording studio with what felt like a pillow stuffed in my knickers, with sound techs occasionally prodding me and making me sing "The Wheels on the Bus".

Bonus lols: The textbook/CD was called "Let's Do It!" and when I listened to it later they'd edited me out of the whole thing.

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On Behind the Scenes at Camp Gyno, the "Best Tampon Ad in the History of the World"

@bocadelperro I grew up in Holland and Switzerland and non-applicator ones were pretty much the norm. When I moved to the UK for uni I had to go looking for non-applicator ones, though fortunately they're easier to find now. I have never been able to make applicators work for me. They're just awkward and messy--whenever I've needed to use one I've just removed the tampon. And so much rubbish! But it's all academic for me now because menstrual cups <3

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On Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy

@Tragically Ludicrous I still always drink milk with my popcorn! Everyone I know thinks I'm weird for doing this, but it's genuinely delicious? It makes going to the cinema really awkward because there's no way I'm going to drop that kind of money on popcorn if I can't even have a pint of semi-skimmed with it.

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On Livestream of a Door

@talaria YES. Kate Middleton having a baby affects exactly no-one outside of her immediate family. The constant media attention is boring and invasive and creepy. It's just another way of making Kate's body (and by extension other women's bodies) public property. Stop it stop it stop it.

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On A Woman's Right to Choose

@Gulf of Finland Yes! I wish they were more publicised--obviously the attempts to restrict abortion are the bigger story with more negative effects, but I think it's reassuring to hear about positive developments. And I wonder if more reporting of the removal of restrictions would encourage people to think of reproductive health more positively, rather than just as a polarising issue based on the very emotive things people (particularly anti-choicers) say about abortion.

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