On How Long Did It Take You to Unclench After Gravity?

Holy Christ, it was astounding. I loved every bit of it. Cried intermittently throughout, got up shaking at the end (although that might have been low blood sugar too). SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE.
ETA: Took me about 15-20 minutes and a side of potato fries to relax.

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On The Health Care Pie

@279th District Court Right in the ear.

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On The Best Time My Girlfriend’s Baby Tooth Fell Out

I'm 31 and have 3 baby teeth. Dealing with them over the next few years is going to require major orthodontia and at least two (maybe three) dental implants, so if the Tooth Fairy shows up, I hope she's ready to write one hell of a check.

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On The Health Care Pie

The "Get Insurance Companies To Help Me Pay For My $2,500 A Month Kidney Transplant Medications So I Don't End Up Destitute And On Taxpayer-Funded Dialysis At $75,000 A Month, It's Your Choice, Ted Cruz" Act

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On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

Thank you both so much for this incredible interview. Dr. Robinson, thank you for doing what you do.

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On Things I Could Do with My Ped Egg Foot Shavings

This was disgusting and wonderful. Why are little shavings of our bodies so fascinating?! WHY.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@snowmentality YES. Tiffany Aching is absolutely wonderful.

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On Drake's Recipe for Pound Cake

This makes me want to learn everything there is to know about Drake. And maybe knit him a sweater.

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On The Smoothest Rock

"smooth stone from the souvenir shop". That was such a perfect line.

Srsly though, BWI and Logan are two airports I know of that have rocking chairs at the gates- both in the Southwest piers. It's really nice to get through all the check-in/security crap and then sit in a chair and rock gently and stare at the tarmac. So soothing.

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On How Little Exercise Is "Enough" Exercise?


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