On Mysteries of the English Language

This is amazing. Feeling all the feels right now / have been there so many times and this nails it. Fuck you, Richards of the world! Oh yeah and fuck the English language too sometimes, for good measure.

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On September Horoscopes From Galactic Rabbit

holy shit this made me tear up. never would have thought a horoscope would have brought some deep introspection like this. I don't even want to question the method to your madness but just accept that in some crazy way a galactic bunny has helped me out today.

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On My Best Friend's Cancer

this was so evocative and beautiful and heart-ripping. Nadine seemed like such a beautiful person, you really painted her well. thank you for this, and I am sorry for your terrible loss. she seemed like a great friend.

oh yeah, and fuck cancer. ugh.

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On I Will Not Soak It In

@Father Brown

I see it. I see it!! What does it say about me though that the most confusing aspect of this is the concept of eating red vines... (?)

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On The Tradition of Female Ejaculation in Rwanda

@Urwelt pretty sure my sole purpose in life lately is just vacuuming the scattered kitty litter off of my entire apartment's floor. every. damn. day. or I'm stepping on dirty poopy rocks with my bare feet.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Chareth Cutestory: JCrew factory or JCrew sales (there's some going on this week!) are always great, especially for not-quite-suit-and-skirt wear but something still really fun and professional. They are really my go-to. Also, if you find something that you love but can't afford yet (we've all been there), there an awesome website I just discovered called hukkster. It's basically a thing where you can browse websites and if you see something that's too expensive for you now, you can just flag it and ask to be alerted when it goes on sale. AWESOME, no!? This has been my go-to for new work pieces from JCrew and Banana Republic (who have sales so often you should never buy full price). Check it out!!

also... love your username. holy shit.

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On Friday Open Thread

@allofthecrafts: hey... if you're not hellbent on staying in the arts and/or french I just quit a job a month ago where I still have a ton of connections, and I know they're definitely hiring. it's more in hospital/cancer research though. it's a pretty great entry level position, if you're interested just reply back! love to help an NYC job seeking sista out.

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On The Yogurt Ghost Fairy Tales, Part II

How has nobody mentioned that SKULLLLL?!

I wish there was a way to commission these... in a way that wouldn't involve me wanting to keep crusty yogurt on my counters for months so as to not let the beautifulness leave my home.

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On Jennifer Lopez Sings "Feeling So Good" in Turkmenistan

Jia, this is an incredible article. You have really stepped up the content on the 'Pin so much recently, so thank you. This is so, so important!

Now it's J.Lo's time to step it up. Get that dirty money off your hands, girl. Show the world you're not entirely disconnected from it. Jenny from the Block, please...

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On You're One in Eight Million

@cheerybeggar: wanna be my friend date to the next one? I always want to go to the big ones but I'm always a little afraid of going alone! And you would definitely be most welcome at the pinup, I'm sure of it.

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