On "Price: $450 | Availability: Sold Out"

@JessicaLovejoy This 90's South Park reference is brought to you by: Diet Coke!

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On IUDs, or A Detailed Guide to Long-Term Sperm Scarecrows

Before I clicked on that link about Tevas, I seriously got excited thinking that there were other forms of highly effective non hormonal birth control I didn't know about for a second. DREAMING THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM

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On Whose Arm Is This?

Clearly, the only plausible explanation is that there was a tiny little army of people with rags who were going to clean your house. Unfortunately, due to the recent Ask a Clean Person posts, your house was already clean and they simply fell to pieces. Clearly.

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On Down to You

@Lumpy Space Princess What's up LSP!!

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On Down to You

@Lily Rowan Understandable! I don't think all religious people are like that at all, but the ones who are definitely bum me out.

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On Down to You

"I'm not just a normal agnostic, I'm one of those people who irrationally hate religion" WHAT UP! If that is a personality flaw, I definitely have it. Although, I don't hate religion so much as I hate people using it as an excuse to have ignorant beliefs...

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On "You Think I'd Be Wearing These Things of My Own Choice?"

Amazing. I am definitely going to be the most eccentric elderly person on the planet, they are the best type of person.

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On Why, Rihanna?

@emilylouise I know, what is with people going on about his "talent"? He has a couple of okay songs but honestly, he pays a lot of cowriters/contributors/producers to make a lot of his music for him. Not that that's unique in the music industry at all, but come on! He has so many guest rappers in his songs that his actual musical skills (or lack thereof) become kind of not noticeable?

Really, if what you like in that Chris Brown song is Busta Rhymes, that's not saying much about Chris's talent.

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On Why, Rihanna?

I'm glad this got posted. I feel weird because I generally do not care about celebrities personal lives, especially because I feel like we do not accurately know a lot about them? But I am very upset/annoyed by the general public's reaction to this whole debacle.

Someone said to me "oh well if she's over we should be too" and they thought it was funny I was upset about this situation...I fail to see how it's funny that our culture is dismissing someone doing something so disgusting. I don't care about what Chris Brown does in his private life, but I do care when it's publicly known that he is an angry abusive person and people's response is to make jokes and reward him with Grammys and BET awards.

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On Friday Open Thread

@KatPruska Have you tried washing your jeans in cold water and putting them in the dryer on low heat? I started doing this for my jeans and it helps keep them from shrinking or changing shape a lot!

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