On Drunk Pics, Hot Sisters, and Long-Distance Dumping

Oh man, that guy who told his GF her 20 year old sister was hot. Just, why. Reminds me of a friend whose boyfriend referred to a good friend of hers as "hot as shit Brittany" every time her name came up. Nope.

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On The Sweater

I enjoy the art style of this. Not sure what's happening in the story though!

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On Happy 4/20, Brah

@Third Wave Housewife Yes, this should definitely be that thread. I had the most ridiculous thing happen to me the first time I smoked when I was 15. I was hanging out in my friend's shed, which they had converted into a little room for us to hang out in. There was farm equipment around... I was barefoot and super high, and I actually stepped on a pitchfork! My foot bled for a long time and it did not. hurt. at all. I got the bleeding to stop and then my friend and I ate an entire family sized fruit plate from Publix. The next morning I woke up and my foot was very sore.

So, uh, no pitchforks and bare feet on 4/20. LEARN FROM MY LIFE LESSONS HAIRPIN.

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@all Something he tweeted 45 minutes ago: "Lil B respects Women Like John Sexton, SWAG LIKE SEXTON - Lil B". This is right after he promotes his new music video "Ima Eat Her Ass". OH, Lil B.

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@Katie Heaney Oh my god, those tweets. "WHAT IF YOUR DOG SOUL WAS A PERSON AND THATS WHY YOUR DOG AND CAT LOVE YOU SO MUCH, WAT IF DEAD ANIMALS ARE HUMANS -Lil B". He's an all caps philosopher!

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On The Weight-Loss Call-and-Return Catch-22

@WaityKatie Wow, did we have the same parents secretly or what? I was put on a diet young and also rebelled against it for a long time. My parents would reward me with food one second and then get angry about it the next! I also lost a lot of weight eventually and my parents made a huge deal about it. My 12 year old self was like "great, glad I'm acceptable now!" and I had horrible self esteem even though I was at the thinnest I'd ever been. Oh, and I'm sure if I asked my parents now they would "not remember" any of this either.

Gee, I wonder why I have hang ups about food!? I think I'm turning into Liz Lemon.

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On The Weight-Loss Call-and-Return Catch-22

I related to this article! Things that people say about your weight, they really can have a huge effect on you even if it's not intended. When I was growing up my parents would constantly make me feel bad about my weight, and when I started losing weight they would start up with the "You look so good, KEEP ON THE RIGHT TRACK" comments and it almost made me feel..spiteful? Like I wanted to re-gain weight? Because I felt like if I was happy with how I looked (which I mostly was before people started commenting on it) they shouldn't care. So even to this day, when people comment about me looking thinner I almost wish they wouldn't.

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On The Weight-Loss Call-and-Return Catch-22

@bangs Those comments wouldn't bother me! I think that if someone is taking the time to point out their weight loss, they may be looking for some feedback. It's more the unsolicited "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT you finally look human!" comments that are terrible. At least, that is my feelings on the matter.

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On Friday Open Thread

@You'll be sorry Jo March Cute distracting thing: a baby literally falling over from the shock of eating something sour?

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On Fantasies, Expiration Dates, and the Vasectomy

@Bunburying I thought the same thing! Disliking the "combo of surgery (sharp things) with his most special place (his junk)" is not just a dude thing. I don't want surgery up in my lady parts if not necessary either?!

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