On The Wall: Lessons From a Family Lawyer

Wow this was so interesting! Definitely think I found some reading for my vacay in a couple weeks!

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On A Monday Playlist

Awww yeah, just what I need to cope with Punxsutawney Phil predicting six more weeks of winter.

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On In Four Years, Man Arrested 62 Times For Trespassing (In The Convenience Store Where He Works)

This brought to mind this episode of This American Life I listened to a few weeks ago...one of the stories is about police bringing people in on false charges just to meet their arrest quotas. It's horrifying. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/414/right-to-remain-silent

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On What If Your Hair Were... a Dinosaur?

I love these!!!! Thanks for trying out all the questionable beauty tips and pinterest pins I'm afraid of.

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On Let's Balance Out This Horrible Selfie With This Wonderful Selfie

Just in case you thought this was a rare thing, searching #funeral on Instagram results in pretty much only selfies. If anyone does this at my funeral I'm DEFINITELY coming back to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

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On The "Box Girls" at the Standard Hotel

Oh man...$25 an hour would probably do it because think of all the books I could read!!! That is, depending on how long I'd last before being completely creeped out.

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On Transatlanticism Demos > New Music from T-Swift, Gaga, Bieber

Holy nostalgia, just listened to Passenger Seat for the first time in ages, and I'm instantly taken back to making out with my first boyfriend in his car one summer night.

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On Ask a Three-Year-Old: Heartbreak

Wow. This is probably the most perfect advice.

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On "8 to 10 Foot Cobwebs Dancing Across the Sky": Charlotte's Web Is Happening for Real in Texas Right Now

The more I learn about spiders, the more I have to begrudgingly admit they're kind of cool. But this isn't an invitation to stop by my apt, spiders...

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On Today's Bleak Read

@peculiarity I just hate that they came up with a cutesy euphemism for all of this. It's not "re-homing"... it's fucking cruelly ABANDONING A CHILD.

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