On Have You Seen My Paintings

@Leon Tchotchke some of the old stock certificates were actually really gorgeous. it's a shame we can't have them sent out (and it's a shame NO ONE IS HIRING ARTISTS TO DO THE STOCK CERTIFICATE DESIGNS ANYMORE)

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On Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties


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On Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties

@KellyStitzel pet semetary pretty much scared me to death. i can't really watch it to this day.

i met a girl named zelda, 20+ years later as an adult, and her name makes me so skittish.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Short Dates

a sobering number of my jokes end like the last few panels there.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

@tessamae modcloth is not meant for the tall chicks!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

@Katie Walsh i bought the black one with the white polka dots, i was SO EXCITED, it got here and didn't even come close to fitting me, at all :(
i have a long torso, which i think is the issue- it fit like, around *motions hands* but it didn't come up nearly high enough for like here *more motioning*. so i had to hike it all the way up for proper coverage, but then i had those 80's high-cut bottoms? ugh. i had to return them with a huge giant sadface :(:(

then i went to h&m and bought a little mini checkered bit of thing that is so much cuter and is the most comfy ever and was like $20 :D

moral of the story: whyyyyyyyy :( i wanted that retro suit.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Oh, Water Polo

that is why i moved to new york before i could think about it too hard.

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On Monday Bargain Bin: Crazy-Colored Shoes Edition

if any of you ladies want to score some high-end custom kicks, check out shoesofprey.com . i looked at payless's dyeables for my wedding last year, and the bow pumps were so! close! but no cigar, the bows aren't quite correct. shoes of prey had the correct bows, put little tiny heels on 'em and bright red silk, they were bangin'. pricey but bangin'.

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On Mini Ask a Lady: Teenage Tattoos

all of my friends started getting tattoos at 18, none of them are particularly regretful about it. i never got one though- my reasoning was "do i currently like the stuff i liked 5 years ago? do i like it enough to put it on my body FOREVER?" the answer was always a resounding no... i was passionate about whatever i was doing at the time, but knew when things were a phase (most of my "things" are).
my brother also has a bunch, and i've seen him go through trying to get one removed.. so expensive, very painful, it needed many sessions and i'm not sure if it's 100% off.
plus i am an arteest! i would need it to be much better than something i could draw, but even then i'm sure i would be too picky about it. i go through imagery like tissues.

(after much cajoling by my friends at 18 i let them get me a piercing on my upper ear. it is pretty much invisible, but i like having it there as a reminder of ...i dunno, the piercing parlor at the beach. whatever, i like it, it's my ticket out of total squaresville.)

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On Ask a Clean Person: I Drank the Juice, and It Was a Mess

@parallel-lines we have a strangely shaped humidifier, our little weasel knocked the humidifying unit off the top when it was empty and started climbing into the tank to hang out.
now it's his favorite spot to chill, and my hands are still super dry.

what now about this paraffin?

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