On A Sisterly Energy: Interview With Chairlift's Caroline Polachek

yayy caroline!! three cheers from your old fans in sunny w'burg :) glad to hear things are moving right along. good luck with your new band! :)

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On "Maybe I needed to prove that I'm wife material. If he wanted 300 sandwiches, I’d give him 300 sandwiches"


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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Goodbye, Jerusalem

@Esther C. Werdiger there are rooftop parties up in nyc! it is the best.
i cannot find the 30 rock clip but it's all like
Don't go, Liz Lemon ! There's still an after-after- after-after-after party! l just got to take my kids to soccer first! Hey, whose roof is this?
up in here.

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On Who Will Save the Worms

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On If at First You Don’t Conceive, Try, Try Again (and Don’t BD Until Your CM Is EW)

@stinapag yay another OBB'er here! :D was the tribe not the shizzle!

i would have withered and died a tragic bridal death over at the kn*t or some such.

also love the STD's. i got a kick of mailing out STD's to ALL OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

kind of want to meander back to OBB, but it's gonna be a while before i can check out offbeat mama, and i don't have the fliff to check out offbeat home quite yet. but offbeat bride? hells yeah. i even sent my very-not-offbeat sister there.

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On Art Ameliorates Life

and yet, we are so depressed : http://www.everydayhealth.com/emotional-health-pictures/jobs-that-can-lead-to-depression.aspx#/slide-6

jen325 i hear you. doing bad design for others sucks. on rare occasion when you get to do it all yourself for yourself, everything gets awesome :)

"More artists than nonartists reported being self-employed, which suggests that autonomy influences job satisfaction"... less pants, more loud music!
whenever i go to visit an office it's so quiet. there's no loud music or tv or and everyone's dressed appropriately- pants everywhere. boring!

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On Ask a Clean Person: Here We Go Again With the Roaches

@SarahP i also live in an ages-old building and we have had every kind of pest (roaches! FLYING ROACHES! f'n centipede horrors! mice that poked their cutie heads up between the floorboards as if we were playing whack-a-mouse!). the best advice i got was from ratso rizzo in midnight cowboy- forgive my foggy memory but they go back to ratso's place and he has a fridge that doesn't work, but he uses it anyway to keep the pests away. GENIUS!!
everything, in the fridge.


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On Smoking Alternatives, Troubled Parents, and the Unappealing Business Trip

@Decca they did, "the Big Kahuna" with Kevin Spacey. Not hi-larious, but still a good film.

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On Have You Seen My Paintings

@Leon Tchotchke THANK YOU! we need to start a "General Good Taste" club.

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On Have You Seen My Paintings

"To them, the very idea that art should make someone wealthy was laughable, even offensive... Most people who create, trade and own art do it for a much simpler reason. They just like it."

personally i have to disagree...
i am a pro artist and would love to get wealthy, or even pay off some damn bills, with my profession (art). if i were choosing my activities purely on the level of fun, disregarding any hope of getting paid, i'd be playing video games all day, not slaving over an unfinished canvas. not saying art isn't fun, but when it's your job, it is, you know, a job.

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