On Hello Everybody!

AWESOME news, yay Jia!

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On This Is a Goodbye Post


but also


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On 'A Couple Chooses a Movie'

@alannaofdoom You're not alone (heh)! That's my exact movie-going routine 90% of the time.

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On Texts From Pride and Prejudice

I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

Is there internet in Antarctica? Because if so I feel like that is the place for me.

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On Your 2013 Baby Name Guide: Puritan Edition, Part Two

Smite-them-hip-and-thigh Smith

Smite whom, exactly???

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On An Extremely Specific Pop Culture Update

The Jurassic Park score is my favorite score of any movie ever. The only thing I can still play on the flute from when I was in high school band, besides a b-flat scale, is that melody.

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On When to Put Up Lace Curtains

Reclusive Inconceivable! with her enormous Parks and Rec gif folder and immunity to iocane powder...

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

Holy Land! YES. I used to only buy Sabra because I was young and naive and didn't know any better, and then I went to a Super Bowl party and one of my friends brought Holy Land and my life was changed.

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On The Vestal Virgin Septuple Braid Tutorial

Oh man, definitely. Most of my Latin is totally gone now, but I can still remember bits of a story I wrote once, which began, "Olim erat valde deformis femina," which if I've spelled it all right should mean, "Once there was a very ugly woman."

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