On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@lindsayishere I think I like Damascus better? Or did I just never bother to wait it out at Sahadi's?

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On New York: The Besieged Children

@WhiskeySour Umm, honestly, I started out with an @ that said I wished others would also (like you did) read and think about the article before judging parents in the child welfare system. I didn't want to be inflammatory so I deleted it. Chalk this up to me not knowing how the commenting system works. "Long-time listener" etc. Sorry!

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On New York: The Besieged Children

I'm working in this field right now and it is shocking (though not surprising) how disproportionately the child welfare system affects poor people of color. Cases may be called in and children may be removed from their homes for things that happen all the time in middle-class white homes without anyone blinking an eye - parents fighting, parents smoking pot or drinking socially. A case might be called in by a spiteful batterer to get back at his victim for, say, going to the police with domestic violence complaints. A parent in this kind of situation who does not have adequate legal representation (or even, in some cases, one who does) is in danger of losing her children. Can you imagine?

It's easy to be judgmental without thinking about what is actually going on. Careless child welfare workers have the power to destroy families and may not face any repercussions for failing to fully investigate issues, manipulating clients, misrepresenting to parents what their rights are, or making only the slightest effort to help parents receive services that will help them raise their children. A case worker might notice that a mother is showing symptoms of depression after having limited contact with her children for months (seems pretty understandable that someone would be depressed, right?) and then the city might use those symptoms to argue that the mother needs medication or therapy before her children can be returned to her. It can be an extremely vicious cycle.

I highly recommend taking a step back and really thinking about what is at stake.

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On Stretch Marks, Settling, and Vasectomies

Lady #2: I dated basically this guy. It was a big mistake, and luckily, it was the shortest relationship I've ever been in. Your misgivings are correct. Don't feel bad for feeling like you can do better - you can, and you will be much happier for it.

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On Terrible Pick-Up Lines

"You're Jewish, right?"

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On The Best Time Someone ... Surprised Me on a Subway Platform

I work in lower Manhattan, and I swear I have encountered this woman in the lobby of my office building. The backpack, vaguely Eastern European, no makeup, shoulder-length brown hair - it all sounds about right. I started answering her questions but left before anything weird(er) happened. Everything happened up until the getting violent part! Who knows what would've gone down if I had stayed.
I think I saw her once again in the lobby, but I knew to avoid her that time.

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On The Great Tampon Disappearance of 2010

I am generally a DivaCup evangelist, but I understand that some people aren't interested, so I will limit myself to saying this: use NatraCare instead! Y'all don't need all of that cotton to be bleached, do you? Or tampons made of rayon? Blehh, gross.

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On Suspicious Beauty Statistic

Hmm, as someone who is admittedly a Young, my work in employment law has made me extremely wary of this kind of claim (I mean, among other things). It's just one more excuse to pay women less for the same work!

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On Four-Person Marriage May Be the Best Marriage

It's like buying a cow!

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On The Worst Makeout Mixtape Ever

"How Fucking Romantic" by the Magnetic Fields. 69 Love Songs: Extremely unreliable makeout music! (I was young and foolish then)

Also, a guy once put on an Amy Winehouse album (not sure which one), which seems like it might be sexy, but it just kind of was not (maybe because it was 2009 at the time).

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