By Lumpy Space Princess on When Trash Attacks

PLOP - Love this panel! : )

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By Laughable Walrus on How to Behave on Your Online Date: A Bartender’s Perspective

@Decca My, um, friend (me) has a few too many stories like that. Fun lushes unite!

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By whizz_dumb on How to Behave on Your Online Date: A Bartender’s Perspective

@RubeksCube Especially since the first is just a nerves relaxer, gone in 5 minutes or less. And I doubt I've ever said no to a third drink, read into that as you will.

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By Urwelt on America's Next Top Worst Room

I notice none of these have DISGUSTING WALL TO WALL CARPETING, like my first NYC apartment. Five of use lived there and none of us owned a vacuum, or more troublingly, considered buying one.

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By parallel-lines on America's Next Top Worst Room


I have lived in one of these horrible, windowless rooms (at least it had high ceilings) to the tune of $700/month. It was miserable and completely fucked up my sleep schedule and made me cripplingly depressed.

All of these apartments look like the kind of place you'd find a woman who was abducted in 1983 being held against her will.

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By stuffisthings on America's Next Top Worst Room

@TheBourneApproximation Because "Plenty of oxygen!" and "Not currently infested with poisonous frogs!" might've been pushing too far, in terms of selling points?

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By fondue with cheddar on If SkyMall Did Gift Registries

@christonacracker I BOUGHT THE HOT DOG TOASTER FROM SKYMALL! I lost it in the divorce though, because it was a gift from me to him. :(

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By whimsy on How to Fail for a Month, Year, or Decade and Be Okay


Cutivate New Vices as recommended above... become a regular at a Karaoke bar, take up stitch and bitch knitting group, join a bowling league. Pot?
You can pick your own poison

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By Ragged But Right on "Russian Lit Wives": On Bravo This Fall

SPOILER ALERT: My Life, is an amazing read, if heartbreaking, especially the end part in which Tolstoy loses his marbles completely and runs away to die alone in a railroad shack, and Sofia chases after him and isn't even allowed through the door. May I recommend as an antidote to this all this Elaine Feinstein's glorious biography of Akhmatova, ANNA OF ALL THE RUSSIAS. The scarves! The fringes! The husbands! The poetry!

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By Scandyhoovian on Welcome, xoVain

@terrific xoJane is awful. There's so much pointless dreck in there masquerading as 'edgy articles' and most of the time they just turn out to be "It happened to me: I wrote 500 words about what happened to me yesterday and it had no purpose." For every one good article there's about 50 bad ones, it is not worth the time or effort to read them.

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