On Is This How You Feel About Your Tattoo?

My body is about 60-70% tattooed at this point, but I just refuse to discuss it with anyone. I'm not the Ambassador of Tattoos and I have no interest in answering questions that you can easily Google (or questions that are clearly just a segue into lecturing me about my decisions). If someone wants to get one and wants a recommendation, I don't mind sharing the name of my artist, but otherwise just not.engaging.in.that.conversation.

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On Craigslist Behavior

@shantasybaby I don't find thinking about the Craigslist Murder Trap weird, but your husband sending you stories about it is weird, IMHO.

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On Craigslist Behavior

@shantasybaby I've basically stopped reading them after the published an article that was supposed to be anonymous with the author's name and picture about living with her sexual abuser. The editors are horrible and their judgement is very poor.

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On Craigslist Behavior

@Emma Carmichael For serious - I wrote an ITHM about it for XOJane and then decided not to let them publish it because I have SERIOUS objections to a lot of their editorial decisions. Would totally submit it to Hairpin if I thought they'd run it.

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On Craigslist Behavior

I could write one of these about the Casual Encounters section, if anyone is interested.

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On "Part of disciplining the body is denial"

I love Roxane Gay, and I also wish I could meet her again so I could apologize...I went to a reading of hers last summer with another author who was also reading, and he got waaaaaaasted before the reading and spent the entire time making loud, stupid comments about her.
You are a million times a better writer than he is. I sincerely regret not smacking him over the head with a chair. He is a terrible person and when I think about my involvement with him I seriously want to vomit and also scrub all my skin off.
Apologies and shame,

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On This Blog Guilty of a 'Tiny Home Fetish'

Heehee-that's in my neighborhood. I wish I could live in a spite house; it would suit me perfectly.

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On Interview With My Mom, Who Never Had a Single Moms Club

I'm confused about the whole, married-to-someone-who-didn't-want-kids, it-just-happened thing. My mother always said that she was ambivalent about having children (she was a pretty poor mother for a lot of reasons) and that it "just happened" and that drives me crazy. Getting pregnant and having a baby is not like getting into a fucking fender-bender or something.

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On Someone Explain Dating to Me

@commanderbanana Which doesn't mean I don't routinely fantasize about finding some of those guys in real life and pouring gasoline all over them and lighting them on fire. Not saying I do, but also not saying I don't.

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On Someone Explain Dating to Me

My theory is that since we surround ourselves with friends who have certain characteristics in common, we tend to forget that people out there are very very different from us. Sort of like how, when you're a kid, you kind of think every family is sort of like yours and you don't realize the broad spectrum of dysfunction that exists - or that your family is actually really weird and you just realized it.

The Internet gets rid of that filter, so you end up in contact with people you'd never hear from in real life because you'd be too busy running and shrieking. I get a lot of messages like that because guys out there actually think it's okay to start conversations online with those types of messages.

Honestly, I prefer those over the guys who have learned to hide their creepiness enough to get to a first date. These are people that if I ran into them in person before they asked me out, they'd trip my creep-antenna so hard, but if they've figured out how to mask it in the Internets, I don't find out until I meet them.

Tl;dr, am grateful for friend bubble of awesome friends who do not message people by soliciting them for sex.

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