On A Really Bad Month

Your ex-boyfriend is a shithead. Your friend was, if not actually a shithead, acting like a shithead.

I'm so sorry. I hope he gets attacked by a swarm of firebees.

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On The Worst Time Kris Jenner Taught Me To Make Pumpkin Bread

I love how the best pictures they could come up with on the front was some Sara Lee-looking lemon meringue pie, her holding a red pepper in a way that no one has ever cut a red pepper before, and what looks like box pasta with steamed bag veggies dumped over it.

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On A Battle to the Grave: An Interview with the Soska Sisters

@commanderbanana This was a great interview and I love the Soska sisters, but seriously, this cheeses me off - take a couple minutes to Google stuff in the transcript and fact check it.

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On A Battle to the Grave: An Interview with the Soska Sisters

The movie that Sylvia references is Dredd, not Dread, and Lena Headey's last name is Headey, not Headly, and her character's name is Ma-Ma, not Mama.

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On Ask a (Terrifyingly) Clean Person: Oozing Gourds, Glue Mishaps and Food Coloring Woes

@MBP Jolie Jolie Jolie!!!

Any ideas for a bathroom wall (painted, not wallpapered) that has hair dye stains on it? I think I might just have to repaint it.

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On R.I.P. Malls

@uemmak I went to a mall for the first time in a long time last weekend and felt disoriented and confused the entire time, sort of the way I feel when walking through airports during layovers. Everything's queasily familiar enough that you can't figure out where you are or where you need to go.

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On Lessons My Closet Taught Me

@chickpeas akimbo DAH HORRAR!!

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They remind me of two mildly anxious but weirdly endearing Afghan hounds.

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On Not Like Most Girls

@AnnaGraeme I know the narrator is a psychopath, but I still make my friends read that excerpt because EXACTLY THAT.

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On No Excuses: Responding To One-Handed Reviews

@beetnemesis Also, I know, damn those shrill ladies, amirite? Getting me all ruffled when I just want to look at some naked pics on the Internet sent without the owner's knowledge or consent.

Because we all know calling a ladyperson shrill is like Kryptonite.

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