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On The Last Sunday of the Year

ESTHER!! I loved this comic. And I'm so happy for you! I completely sympathise about the art. Look, it's lurve, and it's the job. Over time you and your man will be fine to still love each other madly but want more time to do your own thing. I missed dancing and reading when I met my bloke and he didn't get nearly as much time playing guitar. And I had a crazy insane workload job and I didn't realize it was killing my soul. Now I don't have that job and now I'm not trying to live in 2 houses, after a crises about what my job will be I've not only gone back to dancing and started reading more - I've remembered from a dim past teenage self that I used to love writing, and I'm still good at it.

So don't fret. I write poems and short stories in email to myself during the day. If you can go part time in the future do - but in the meantime recognize you had way more time - and you'll get some back from your relationship (my partner often cooks while I read or write stuff!). Xo

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On Engagement Chicken, Three Ways

So I read this article this morning, and the Wikipedia article, because I'd never heard of this and was curious.

Tonight, my boyfriend came home with a chicken to roast. I swear to god this actually happened and I'm not making this up.

I told him I had a funny story to tell him and I would tell it when we'd eaten dinner.

I showed him the articles, we laughed and laughed and he commented how I often get ready for bed while he washes up.


I'm so making this for him in a few months' time

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On Menstrual Cups: Are They for You?

@nicemarmot I just commented above - I had a similar problem in that I would just get cramps and cramps until my body had essentially spat the cup back out again. I have never had problems with tampons, ever, it just hated this cup. I would think yes, I've got this in place, can't feel it, can't feel it, relaxing, back to everyday life lala what I can feel it I can feel it ow ow ow that's a cramp ow get it out! So not fucking worth it, sick of reading about how it changed other women's lives and it's so great and I should try it.

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On Menstrual Cups: Are They for You?

@every tomorrow@twitter I know I'm two years late to the game, but... this happens to me too. And I get sick of people going on about how great these things are, because yeah lalala it was so great for you. My vagina practically chewed up and spat out my diva cup, it hated that cup so much. Also, please don't tell me I just need to keep trying, or I put it in the wrong way... I followed the instructions, I tried different ways, I looked up everything, and yes, I tried it a lot more times than once. Basically it just doesn't work for me.

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On What Were the Names of Your High School Tribes?

@sam.i.am I relate to this!!!

Snob Mob was the agreed and quiet outsider-bestowed name for our 'popular' group, which was actually quite a big group of people.

But, people were more just identified as being a particular group of friends, and those friends had common interests sometimes and sometimes were part of other groups.

I was in band, so I guess that makes me a band kid... this was distinct to musos though. I was completely oblivious to any drug taking but given where I grew up we would have had stoners, or more likely, just people in different groups who smoked.

One time someone told me that my own group of friends (mostly guys with a few girls) was seen as 'smart but nice'.

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On Sex and the Dystopia

@Speaking of cake, I have cake I have never been a massive fan of the show, but I don't hate it and it has had some great moments (Gilmore Girls, now I could talk to you about my undying love for Gilmore Girls all day). And that Charlotte quote is my favourite too! Soooo relevant to LYFE.

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On The Marriage Pie

@Bette: Sparkles for Everyone in fact, i am worse than that, because I wouldn't just do smug updates, i would be tempted to write a satirical series which made me look like a bridezilla but was me taking the piss and secretly cackling away...

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On The Marriage Pie

@RK Fire haha I get the smug with my bf too... a lot of my friends react to him / his photo with '[gasp] he's so good looking!' and the subtext is always 'man, sevanetta is punching above her weight there', but I don't care because (a) firmly convinced of my own good looks regardless (b) love love love my handsome man. yay!

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On The Marriage Pie

@Bette: Sparkles for Everyone hehe that would be 5% for me too. My married friends have definitely done the smug updates thing so I figure it will be par for the course. muahaha

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On Everything I Know About Fertility I Learned From the Year 1670

@enic I know right. This makes me feel so much better, although it doesn't help with the intense cluckiness.

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