I'm not taking no fuckin' responsibility for cats I don't know, man.

On Smells Like Teen Spirit

@kellyography I went on their website and, can I just say: I forgot how cheap teenage clothes are???

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On Smells Like Teen Spirit

"They are so incredibly relevant," she adds. "They aren't following anyone else—they're setting the trends themselves."


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On Weekend Round Up / Open Thread

I'm always listening to "Sound and Vision," myself.

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On Annotated Rainbow Brite Fan Fiction

I love everything about this and also, I am having lots of fun imagining what Bret was like.

Was he like Bret McKenzie? This would be a great FOTC episode.

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On Weekend Roundup

@iheartoxytocin If I ever make it out of Middle America and have disposable income, the New Yorker Festival is like, my dream.

But probably print media will be dead by then.

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On A Song of Spice and Fire

@mirablu It's okay! I wasn't upset or anything, just honestly bewildered. :)

I'm actually deeply uncomfortable with a lot of the Pintersty-PSL femininity (also I think I just threw up in my soul) for reasons of whiteness and class and the ideas about the good life to which they seem to subscribe or exploit or . . . something. But my problem isn't with women, I promise. But it does seem to me that surely plenty of feminine-coded things are icky, and part of the ickiness is the way they exert norms of femininity (I misspelled that the first time, and auto-correct sent it to felinity, which I didn't know was a thing, [I mean, I suppose I had the concept but not the term] but am nevertheless DELIGHTED to learn about) on women. Wow, that sentence is a mess.

I guess this is just the second coming of the Zooey Deschanel Debate, isn't it. And you're right that it is infuriating that anything coded as feminine is seen as gross ("cooties" is exactly right, except it's really like EBOLA or something). I heard thing on NPR the while ago where a group of gay men talked about gender expression and how they were becoming comfortable with their more stereotypically "feminine" aspects and I was like, GREAT! And then the piece went on to talk about how when things become okay they stop being feminine. And then I was like FUCK YOU.

Because the "feminine" things were, for example, being in touch with ones emotions. And with other people's emotions. (Though I am honestly bad at this traditional feminine skill.)

TL;DR this is complicated and people are terrible and lesbian separatism is maybe the only way to go.

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On A Song of Spice and Fire

@mirablu I know you are making a joke, but also: that wasn't what I said or suggested, so I'm a little bit confused about how we got to this place.

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On A Song of Spice and Fire

@frigwiggin Apple cider donuts are really good, and by this I mean "authentically yummy" rather than whatever is going on with Pumpkin Spice Lattes - mass hallucinations?

It is weird the way Pumpkin Spice has been so entwined with Pinteresty-femininity.

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On The Best Time I Watched My Doctor Examine My Stool Sample

@jillygagnon@twitter I would like to give you the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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On A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22

Jazmine, you're not really 22 are you?!

Ugh, what am I doing with my life.

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