I'm not taking no fuckin' responsibility for cats I don't know, man.

By waouwwaouw on Characters In Literotica Stories Who Are Cumin

Cumin Eileen

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By LauraRebecca on Mothers & Moms

I hope we talk about stepmotherhood too. It is a tough family role that no one seems to understand or value as a tough role.

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By 17492269@twitter on One Big Question: What Makes You Feel Powerful?

Looking down on my thighs on my daily biking commute, thinking HOLY SHIT I'M PROPELLING MYSELF FORWARD!

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By Chick Whitman on "Cream To Cream, Powder To Powder"

@Lucienne You can sharpen them! I know they have that weird black plastic stuff around the color but a big barrel sharpener will take care of it. It's the same stuff they use to make the full size pencils as well.

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By Shara on "Cream To Cream, Powder To Powder"

Haley, thank you for filling the void that was left when Jane's How to be a Girl column ended. This advice makes so much science sense!

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By Sarah Galo on A Celebration of the Best Ella Fitzgerald Songs

@LiterarySara Yes! The inclusion of all the verses doesn't seem to happen as often as it should. Sure, Barbra Streisand's version is good, but it's only three minutes versus nearly eight! Thanks for reading :)

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By GEEKitty on My 90s/00s Beauty Trends: Where Are They Now?

Uhm I still have a pink and purple Caboodles case. (I am 29 and proud!) I'll check and see if your lipstick is in it.

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By tofuswalkman on When You Put A Stripper Pole In Your House

those videos just blew my goddamn mind

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By TenyaLuna on I Can't Wear Heels

I can wear SOME heels for SOME amounts of time, although the only shoes that don't seem to give me pain with my now lots of time on my feet job are clogs. But I also can't wear like ballet flats for any reasonable (say, 8 hour work day) amount of time either. And shoes tend to either end up being uncomfortable or not staying on my feet or both! Why can't doc martens just be professional?

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By KatyK on I Can't Wear Heels

Two years ago, I had a very conscious summer style: Male Preppy Villain from an 80's Teen Movie. Last summer it was Gothy, Slutty Summer Camp Counselor. But I love Slutty Babysitter. I want to hear more "looks" because they make getting dressed so much more fun.

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