I'm not taking no fuckin' responsibility for cats I don't know, man.

By TheGenYgirl on Keeping Up Appearances

The decline and fall of Abercrombie is a weird thing for me because I already suffer from this totally ridiculous shock every time I come home and realize that there are still teenagers that still do teenager stuff even though I'm not one anymore. But this is one case in which people ACTUALLY aren't doing the things that I was doing. It corroborates my totally dopey solipsism.

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By Octopalooza on 5 Moments in the Life of a Black Mother

@AnnieO Uh oh.

This is just....this is just not okay. There is a widespread perception in (mostly white) America that black people commit a hugely disproportionate amount of crime and The Sentencing Project released a very important report on the erroneous link between race and crime last September. http://www.sentencingproject.org/doc/publications/rd_Race_and_Punishment.pdf

Let's talk about their findings, starting from this on p. 15:
"Racial minorities commit certain crimes at higher rates than whites, but whites overestimate these differences.
When asked for numerical estimates of crime rates, whites attribute an exaggerated amount to people of color. And when asked to what degree various racial groups are prone to violence,' whites rank people of color as more violence-prone than their own race."

Here's an article that summarizes the report: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/08/opinion/charles-blow-crime-bias-and-statistics.html

This isn't the only report or study to find this. I am very sorry that these people that you know have been mugged, but you just absolutely CANNOT take your personal experience and use it to define an enormous, diverse group of people. This kind of thinking creates the very conditions that cause crime in the black community in the first place; black Americans are overpoliced, overpenalied, and just completely disenfranchised by the criminal justice system, and the criminal justice system can do this because we believe that black Americans are criminals.

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By jennitrixie on Working Girl

Casey Wilson = Joan Cusack

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By regina dentata on Working Girl

@Lisa Frank OH HELL NAW. Emmy Rossum is NO JOAN CUSACK. How 'bout Anna Kendrick?

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By bitzyboozer on Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

@Anna Fitz But isn't Diane the unseen character Agent Cooper is always giving dictation to? Is that why you won, because no one actually knows what Diane looks like and therefore it's a bulletproof costume?

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By lemonadefish on Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

I wish the baby had a scepter of some kind though.

Also my employer does not recognize this national holiday. But daycare does! Oh boy.

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By dee on Excerpts From the January 2015 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

"but these are too small to evoke much of an emotional response"

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By Lolren on Ocean's Eleven: Ladies Night

I made a really weird/gross/delighted sound when I saw Abbi and Ilana, and now I want the entire new series of Broad City to revolve around this plotline.

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By Jazmine Hughes on Today in Kanye

@Lucienne oh my god could you imagine the tour that would come out of that? it'd be too good for this world.

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By TenyaLuna on Let's Stop Making Fun of Kwanzaa

Agreed! Especially to me since pagan-y (generally white) folks can totally have heartfelt Winter Solstice and equinox celebrations in peace (especially since most recent pagan identify stuff has been since the 1970s or so, definitely not "oh but this tradition has been in my family for generations!" people) we can leave Kwanzaa alone. Sure, someone's conservative old uncle is going to think it's stupid, but he probably also thinks Ann Coulter makes some great points sooo who cares about him?

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