I'm not taking no fuckin' responsibility for cats I don't know, man.

By MailerMattDaemon on A Campy Pirouette and A Scissor Leap: An Appreciation of Jesus Christ Superstar

@pharmakeus Agree! It's even good (ie, incredible!) as interpreted by Muppets: http://christophergraham.bandcamp.com/album/muppet-christ-superstar

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By pharmakeus on A Campy Pirouette and A Scissor Leap: An Appreciation of Jesus Christ Superstar

I totally agree with this assessment, except there's no real discussion of the actual music (and you even call JCS a "play,"), but what about the genius of the musical composition? It's this perfect, self-ironizing blend of mid-twentieth century classical and avant-garde music with jazz-funk/blues/rock acid-tripping hippie stuff AND musical theatre. Really just stellar.

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By clsPA on Seven Irish Women You Should Know

Can you point to evidence that Gonne pronounced her name to rhyme with "gun"? I've only ever heard it pronounced "gawn" -- even on Irish and British TV (albeit with a more clipped vowel than an American would put on it).

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By Statham on Dogs I Saw This Week, Rated

Aw. Homeless doggy breaks my heart. :[

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By LiterarySara on Middlemarch Is a Sexy Novel About Sex

Only this:

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By and it's not even my birthday on Future Romantic Adaptations of Classic Literature

Romantic Of Mice and Men, retitled "Like Bunny Rabbits," starring Channing Tatum as Lennie and Justin Timberlake as George, with an alternate ending that earns it a rating of NC-42 And Only In Certain Parts of San Francisco. Nonetheless, Tatum wins a Golden Globe for "Best Actor Not Going Full Retard."

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By Kalorama_Kat on What Character Are You?

I just took the Which The Hairpin Contributor Are You Quiz and got Emma Carmichael, which I'm pretty happy with. I guess I would have been pretty happy with all of them though. If I made an Ann Friedman pie of which The Hairpin contributors I most closely identify with, it would be pretty even between Emma, Ann, and Jia, with a few other little slices in there. But the fact that I chose to write this as a paragraph, instead of making the Ann pie, more or less proves the quiz was right; I'm an Emma.

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By bluewindgirl on What If I Am Never Anyone's Shorty, and Other Fears

In my experience, love is not a thing that arrives on the doorsteps of the worthy like an overnight Amazon Prime order. So while I completely support decisions to tip more, floss, read outdoors, and generally treat yourself with kindness, don't convince yourself that no one will love you until you're perfect, because most of the time people fall in love with you for being imperfect.

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By HoliandIvy on Martha, Martha, Martha

@Tragically Ludicrous
YES. That's what makes her great. She filled her void and sold it back to America.
Her and Ralph. The nailed some echt American something.
Well and Jay Gatsby.

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By stuffisthings on My Beauty Regimen

@dracula's ghost She's got a LOT of money -- who says her bathroom cabinet doesn't have its own garden shed?

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