I'm not taking no fuckin' responsibility for cats I don't know, man.

On What's the Best Time Your Family Has Ever Trolled You?: The Answers

That horse story is just CRUEL. An eight year old?!?!

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On Lina Lamont Dances For No One

@Dozy Doats I LOVE LINA, but, yeah. I agree with you.

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On A Controversial Ranking of Mr. Darcys

Bridge and Prejudice would have been so much better with, like, Rahul Khanna as Darcy.

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On Wedding Town

This is great.

I don't know if you've read Ann Cahill's article "Feminine Beautification and Feminist Pleasure," but I thought of it while reading your piece.

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On Horny Jail

Well, if Drake's going, I guess . . .

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On Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney, "FourFiveSeconds"

How many times is too many times to listen to this in a day, do you think? Asking for a friend.

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On "Hm Yes Good Point, Scientists, But Have You Considered: It's Really Cute?"

@tofuswalkman Lol, no! I look stupid in photos when I smile, so I feel you, Ye. (But in the candid-y ones he just looks delighted!)

That thing he said in NYT about "90 percent of the time I look like I'm not have a good time" really spoke to me, as someone with resting bitchface. And, okay, and with a bad personality.

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On A Place Like Home: On Being Black and Punk

THRILLED about this, basically. Love Pilot Viruet.

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On "Hm Yes Good Point, Scientists, But Have You Considered: It's Really Cute?"

@tofuswalkman Sometimes there are pictures of smiling Kanye and I just can't quit it.

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On Keeping Up Appearances

Motion to replace all stories about Karl Lagerfeld with stories about Gaultier.

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