I'm not taking no fuckin' responsibility for cats I don't know, man.

On A Millennial Revenge Fantasy

Ke$ha covers of Wilco was where I lost it, I think.

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On The Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Jumpsuit

It's basically the 1970s all over in summer as far as I'm concerned. We should all just embrace our inner Bianca Jagger.

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On The Best Time I Burned the Shit Out Of My Hand Whilst Waxing My Box For A Boy

The "stuff under your skin" description was very effectively gross, good job.

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On "Cream To Cream, Powder To Powder"

Okay, I have a question & it's about this years Sephora Birthday gift. This year it's NARS lip crayons in great colors, BUT they are "mini" and I can't figure out if they're sharpen-able? It sort of looks like they aren't. But I'm not used to the NARS ones, so maybe I'm wrong about this.

There definitely isn't anything I can twist to get more product up. Which is kind of cheap! I still use the mini lipstick MUFE gave out last year. Come on, NARS.

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On When You Put A Stripper Pole In Your House

I have to say, this wasn't the next place I expected to run into Ani DiFranco on The Hairpin.

And also, I would like to learn how to do that stuff. BUT I feel like there is a high chance of pole dancing classes being terrible and I don't have any money anyway. Maybe there will be a Groupon next time I'm in a major city for a while.

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On "I'll play you." "For what?" "For your heart."

And now I feel bad about not seeing Beyond the Lights (yet!) again.

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On I Can't Wear Heels

@Lucienne I don't think she even has any competition on that front.

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On I Can't Wear Heels

I feel like Diane is way more of a Heel Inspiration than Alicia, though? I have a miiiiild preference for Diane, tbh. Who knows if my judgment is responsible.

Anyway, I can wear heels, most of the time. (Sometimes the last is weird for my foot.) I think the trick to walking in them is pretending you're Naomi Campbell. It helps you find the right cadence. I'm hopeless with wedges, though.

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I just took my last test ever this week. (I hope.) "Fuck tests" indeed.

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On "It’s perfectly possible that she will react badly."

Well, there's the Angelica Bell-David Garnett marriage.

That's the only one I can think of, though.

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