I'm not taking no fuckin' responsibility for cats I don't know, man.

On Man Can Sing

T-Pain, I would buy a physical copy of your acoustic album, fyi.

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On A Conversation Among Me, Katy Perry, and Sylvia Plath on Birthdays

I mean, Sylvia never said it had to be a human bone cake, Jazmine. I think you're being unreasonable.

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On "I Want You Back" Is Back

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) It always strikes me as cruel that "I Want You Back" can come on at times and in places where dancing and singing along aren't possible. It will be my Sisyphean punishment, when I die, maybe.

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On Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

@eliz_s I look forward to the sequels, John Cho Lying Down Being Really Attractive and John Cho Talking a Walk Being Really Attractive.

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On One Big Question: Who Has It All?

I've only been through the first paragraphs, Jazmine, but they were great.

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On I'm Never Cooking Again (Not That I Ever Cooked Much to Begin With, So There's Been Very Little Change)

@Lisa Frank I'm not sure why "Montessori-educated cattle" made me laugh so much, but it did, well done.

I think it's because I keep picturing them in classrooms?

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On Items At A Specialty Grocery Store

@bureaucrab No, there's always another Karen to take part in one-upmanship

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On Items At A Specialty Grocery Store

Godard is Too Mainstream for My Tastes Pickles

*slinks away*

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

I watched the pilot for Black-ish which was . . . promising. But sitcom pilots are almost always weird so hopefully the stuff I was like ". . . ehhhhhh" about will clear up.

But something's gotta give if Fresh Off the Boat is gonna show up.

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