On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@Amanda@twitter As an almost-three year-resident of Paris myself, I completely agree that Parisien(ne)s can be a bunch of judgy bitches, but I think the real take away from that paragraph is this: "I think the answer, or an answer, is to just get over yourself." When I first lived here I spent SO much energy trying to fit in and be cool and "French" (whatever that meant to me at the time), but eventually I got over it, and myself, and have had a much better time ever since! That doesn't mean that I'm not still intimidated every once in a while by the modelesque french girls with their hair tousled just so and their simple-but-perfect outfits that seem to run this city, but in the long run, there are so many other, better, and more fun things to worry about!

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@Faintly Macabre i know i'm a day late but in the future you can find lots of stuff at casino/carrefour/monoprix. i ended up buying pecans at the real mccoy (american grocery in the 7th arr) but they were the same price as the ones at the monoprix down the street. and they're even cheaper in passage brady/little sri lanka but i was too lazy to schlep up there. hope it was a good thanksgiving!

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On "Safe for Work, Volume 1" by DJ Ayres

love it! will the playlists be available on spotify??

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On Save the Date, Paris: Ladyfest!

@Erin Kincheloe@twitter
of course there are hairpinners in Paris! is it our turn to have a meet-up yet?

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On Dried Fruit in Order


also, DATES! (especially medjool)

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