On Look, We're Gonna Talk About the Gatsby Trailer Now

Even though I watched the trailer twice this morning (I was half-awake at the time, and seemed to be attracted to the trailer's shininess), and am somewhat interested in seeing the movie, I doubt I'll see it in the theaters. I'll probably rent it from my local library when it comes out on DVD.

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On Mothers' Day

Thank you for sharing this.

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On Vegetarian Enchilada Pie

@nevernude cutoffs "Pow luv it! Pow luv it!"

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Marlon Brando's Dirty Dungarees

Thank you for this. I'm currently struggling through a crazy-busy day at work, and that last photo of Mr. Brando just perked me right up, along with renewing my lust for life in general. Wow!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Clark Gable, the Scandal That Wasn't

I LOVE these articles!!! (And the Gable-Young baby story is one of my favorite Hollywood scandals!)

Regarding Ms. Young's "swear jar", I read in a biography about Robert Mitchum that upon being told about the jar, and what Ms. Young charged per swear, he responded with, "That's fine, but what I want to know is, how much does Ms. Young charge for a fuck?"

I honestly can't blame the man for asking.

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