On Allowances

@iknowright 100, 0. To be fair, it's more like... poking. I just get super reflexively flaily, and it can't be pleasant for the dude either. WHY????

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On How to Survive a Twisted New Type of Funhouse

"But new research raises the interesting question of how a vital but potentially icky activity such as sex can seem pleasant and doable."

pleasant and doable
pleasant and doable

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On 'Pin Picks: Eight is Not Enough

Lizard Music! I got sad last semester, and asked my mother to mail me our (many-times-dropped-in-the-bath-) copy, and then I got less sad.

Also great:
- The Sky Is Everywhere, Heist Society, Anna and the French Kiss, Warm Bodies

The trick to finding awesome YA is never looking at the covers, and doing your best to avoid their names until you already love them anyway.

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On Half Day

@RK Fire Javier Dunn's cover of Animal is my favorite song in the universe.

...in case anyone was wondering, I guess.

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On How to Make Your Perfect Cookie

@I smell burnt toast It can never love you back. :(

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On The Weight-Loss Call-and-Return Catch-22

@PistolPackinMama I once kicked a friend out of my (dorm) room for weight related bullshit comments, and we are still friends. Now I don't have a problem shutting it down from anyone. It's for my mental health, but I think it can be helpful for them too. Like, this is not the only thing we can talk about at dinner. I think some people lose that.

Plus, you feel like such a badass. "We don't talk that kind of talk in this house." BAM.

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On Happy Sadie Hawkins Day Eve

Is this where we share stories? Recently a guy said he wanted to kiss me, and also a bunch of less nice things which we've been having dumb meetings about to try to deal with (whyyyy???). Last night I told him I wanted to be with him, an announcement which was greeted with less than stunning enthusiasm, and now I will probably never get to put my tongue in his mouth. ~Modern love~.

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On Friday Open Thread

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On Calling Your Girlfriend

I like sort of v confusingly probably got broken up with this week, and this is the only thing involving relationships/people I have been able to read all the way through since. Quirky earrings! Thank you!

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On My Case With Accutane

I got off in June. And now I have, like, two pimples on my lip and one on my cheek and am FREAKING OUT slash imagining a second course in my future, which is hilarious because a year ago, I would have been all "three pimples??? really?????". Aside from dryness blah blah, my skin got so fragile I once cut myself on a bagel. It was toasted, but still! It drew blood!

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