On How to Live With Your Mother When You're 37, Childless and Unemployed

I know it sucks to be back at home but at least your mom sounds awesome. The Safeway thing killed me.

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On Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

Dorothy Talbye named her daughter Difficult and then murdered her? You can't make that stuff up.

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On The Magical Fruit

I love black beans. I keep extra cans in my desk at work in case I forget my lunch. I also keep some I've made in my crockpot in my freezer in case I am too lazy to make dinner. They are delicious and so cheap!!

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On Texts From Rebecca

this is relevant to my interests.

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On Judge Marilyn Milian Rules: John The Diver

I have a coworker who was on Judge Judy once when she was in college. I am on a life-long quest to find the episode so I can play it at a company meeting.

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On Talking to Ghosts on Cell Phones

@MilesofMountains maybe this explains why my office is always so cold!

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On Talking to Ghosts on Cell Phones

@MilesofMountains i just downloaded it at work and it said "effort". maybe the ghosts are telling me to stop downloading ghost radar and reading the hairpin.

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On Talking to Ghosts on Cell Phones

@Lia LoBello@facebook yup. downloaded.

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On Employee Discount

I am one of those who will tell you it stops hurting after a while, because it does!! I have been getting them for years and now it is quick and almost painless. As a mostly-hairy persian lady, I get brazilians for various reasons, but mostly for myself. And I always leave a strip because hello... creepy!

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Six

this made me irrationally happy

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