On Girl, You Must Be...

"Boy, you must be an attention because you are used as a command to assume an erect military posture."


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On "The tragedy of Obama's presidency is that he's too much of a Ravenclaw and not enough of a Gryffindor."

@Mira Extreme agreement! Rahm and Hillary CLEARLY need to be switched. While this list has some merit in other places, this grievous error calls the entire process into question!

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On Reading Between the Texts: S.O.S.

@lighter fluid also INFJ. Sad story of my life: when I was younger (Jr. High, HS) I would always get INTJ. The description of that is basically like, you are a genius whose sheer brainpower and insight will save the world. And then once I started emotionally maturing (not a knock on INTJs for life, I just happened to also be emotionally immature!) I started forever getting INFJ. The description of which is pretty much like, you are weak and flighty and not really good for anything practical or perhaps anything at all. This is one of the larger grievances of my (obviously sheltered) life.

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On Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

@LW1-ForReal I think it's awesome you responded! I'm sorry that you are in a hard situation. FWIW I agree with A Lady and the majority of the comments that you should get out of this relationship and find something that hopefully makes you both happier in the long run. Good luck!

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@Nicole Cliffe Nicole Appreciation Time! I just finished reading This Side of Paradise yesterday (based on your offhand recommendation in one of your book list columns) and the whole time I was like WHAT I kind of hate Amory, why is he so dumb, also where is Burne could we have more of him and his hotness up in this mess but then I got to the end and suddenly found it wonderful and discovered perhaps I had loved it all along?! So, thank you. (Uh oh, to be clear, I am NOT inviting you to a sleep-over or asking you to be my BFF by thanking you for your writing, OK?!)

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@lolita Me too! I read the Silver Fox FMK post and then immediately read the entire archive. And then, having realized I was on to something very good indeed, proceeded to make The Hairpin my go-to daily site. BUT THAT IS OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE I AM VAPID.

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On Judging a Beauty Pageant: Dream Job?

@up periscope Arrested quote! Apologies! GOB is the weird one for sure, not Chinese people or geologists! (Maybe I should remember that not everyone has every episode of AD memorized, and not quote it?)

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On Judging a Beauty Pageant: Dream Job?

First place chick is hot, but has an attitude, doesn't date magicians. Second place is someone weird usually, like a Chinese girl or a geologist. But third place, although a little bit plain, has super low self-esteem. So I step in and, uh, lay her crown upon my sweet head.

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On Internet Ouija Board, Round Two: The Justin Bieber Baby

@Megan W. Moore SALE

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On Insecurity and Awkward Encounters (Cats, Colds, Etc.)

"Name the jerk in your head after him!" This is going to be my new ultimate consolation prize for having to deal with jerk-type peoples!

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