On Ask Santa

This is so, so wonderful. I keep coming back to it and reading it throughout the day, and it's still so touching. Thanks for posting something so genuine and sweet.

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On What a (Good) Girl Wants

@Anne Helen Petersen Totally! Can we start a weekly (or however often this is on? I feel like it might be one of those multiple times a week things) episode write-up by Rebecca? This is awesome.

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On Strong People With Short Arms

@zdravo I totally agree with you. I used to be a person who couldn't do a single pull-up to save my life until this past spring I started doing this fitness course with my boyfriend that had a pull-ups station. I whined every day for the first week and declared I couldn't do them and would never be able to. But after the second week my muscles got the hang of it and I did 1, then 2, then 4, and at one point got up to TWELVE. I DID TWELVE! I felt like such a beast!

And it really was just like any other exercise on the course (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.), and I just built up the number I could do over time. I am not muscular at all and I do no other exercise. I never got up to as many as my boyfriend, which could be attributed to the body difference issues mentioned in the article, but to say women are flatly incapable of doing ANY pull-ups is really annoying and untrue.

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On The Only Book Trailer We'll Ever Suggest You Watch

If I were making a list of likely Penny Marshall impressionists, Fred Armisen would have never come to mind. Yet, this is the greatest thing ever.

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On How (Not) to Make Natural Dish Detergent

@bocadelperro Just a guess, but I think it might be from The Titanic? Like from one of those video missions they did in the '90s when everyone got all obsessed with it again.

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On On Organ Donation

I haven't seen the 65_RedRoses movie, but I used to read Eva's blog on Livejournal (the movie's title is taken from her LJ username) and read all the ups and downs of her treatment, waiting for transplants and her writing about missing all the people and things she loved because of CF. Like the original e-mailer said, it's a very very sad, but really lovely and important story. I'm excited to finally get to see the movie.

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On Curried Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

I love broccoli casseroles! I make one just like this (you can also add rice) and it's the bomb! My family does broccoli casserole instead of green bean casserole for Thanksgiving and it's great, even though all my friends think it's sacrilege.

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On The Doll-Head Wine Glass Halloween Bonanza

@KellySkittles I LOVE THIS

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On The Doll-Head Wine Glass Halloween Bonanza

@Katie Scarlett Hahaha, it started off as like 12, but then the guest list kept growing and then it was 22 and then all of a sudden it was 30. I just wanted to make sure everyone could have one! Bonus, I'm now very familiar with that Goodwill Outlet.

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On The Doll-Head Wine Glass Halloween Bonanza

Hey, that's me! Unfortunately I am not Meryl Streep, but I am Meryl S. and this is the best day of my life.

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