On The Case for Cod Liver Oil

I take it! And love it.

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On How to Shop Online

I definitely advise price comparing by google searching or searching the same item on shopstyle.com. A lot of online retailers, including RueLaLa and other "members only" sites... they display the discounted price with the original price crossed out. Sometimes the crossed-out "original" price is totally bogus. For example this morning they were selling watches for $60 and it said they were originally $400. But I googled the watch and it was selling everywhere else for $60,too, so it was hardly a reason to "BUY THIS WATCH IMMEDIATELY THIS IS SUCH A GOOD DEAL ONLY AVAILABLE HERE AND NOW" which is how it was being marketed to me.

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On But What Do His Flowers Mean?

Black calla lilies are **the best**!!!! The purplish black ones.. paired with yellow ones. Really any kind of calla lily, actually.

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On The Best Time I Made Up a Dance Routine With a Friend

Totalllllly remember dancing to Paula Abdul Straight Up in 3rd grade, dancing off couches etc.

And then there was the completely weird dance I convinced my three girlfriends to do to "Got Til It's Gone" by Janet Jackson. Except they decided they weren't quite as obsessed with the song as I was at the time.. So they wanted to do "Summertime" by Sublime instead. So we did, and we performed for my entire 8th grade class.. Yes. I know. 8th grade was too old to be doing this stuff (like a year away from high school?) but I have to stick to the facts...

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On What's Your Thing?

As a cancer myself, I think the funniest thing has been with the new "signs" that have come out, nobody on earth seems to really care except for all the water signs, i.e. Pisces and Cancers. My friend is all I am sooooo an Aquarius! And I am all, totally Gemini now! Thanks-

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On Music Makes Us Happy, All of It

Oh my God this SONG. It really does make me happy!!! Hahaha. Yay.. Middle school dances...

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On Happy Holidays From Ricky Gervais

He states that the burden of proof falls on the believer. That's certainly true when discussing religion and everything that a given religion purports to be true. Religion is man-made.

If one's approach is to simply find the answer to the question "how did we all get here?" then that argument no longer applies.

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On Gwyneth Paltrow: the Cook: the Book

Man I love this website.

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On The Normals Vs. the Neurotics

I think I speak for everyone here when I say we've all stayed with a person a year or two longer solely because the sex was phenomenal. Am I right?!




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On Four-Person Marriage May Be the Best Marriage

Haha.. entirely agreed.

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