On Grab Bag: Four Tet, iPhone Tricks, Prince Harry

This is all awesome. 90s music is my elementary school years. Also on Prince Harry, is it bad that my first reaction was I need to see what Michael K has to say?

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On 'Pin Picks: Eight is Not Enough

@Inconceivable! Dealing with Dragonsss!!! I spent middle school basically wanting to be Cimorene or The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

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On Excelsior!

I watched Lance Armstrong ride into Paris the last time he won the race. I was on top of the D'Orsay. What doping? Can't hear you.

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On The Chicken Sausage Wrap is Okay

I weirdly love Starbucks. I practically lived in Starbucks when I was in Spain in for two weeks. Free Wi-Fi plus American style coffee? I didn't care I was a tourist. Plus my friends and I would crash on their coches for hours to kill that weird its not dinner but no place is open either time. Also I once convinced the staff of a Starbucks I was an employee for 6 months and received all my drinks at the staff price.

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On The Chicken Sausage Wrap is Okay

I was just at Roasting Plant in the village yesterday and that coffee is amazing. However, at $25 per pound that is way more than I ever want to spend. I normally just use Whole Foods' fresh roast and French Press the coffee. The coffee is better than the burnt stuff elsewhere but still not as delicious as the Roasting Plant.

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On Really Good Books That Happen to Be My Mom's Favorites

Aww. My mom just called me because she bought an iPad and she "cannot wait for me to give her my Kindle account information" so she can download all my books.

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On [Some Punny Blaspheming]

My sister has currently spent two days yelling at my mom about charoset (no idea why finding a recipe and putting it together is worth that much energy). Also my potato kugel is green (from the potatoes) and quite delicious (I sampled it to make sure no one would be poisoned). I love love Passover.

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On The Weight-Loss Call-and-Return Catch-22

So I lost a bunch of weight 3 yrs ago and kept it off. It is mentally draining to only think about your weight and what you eat. Like I go bed without dinner because I don't even want to deal with the stress. It sucks because my sister and my mom are both seriously tiny and my aunt and my cousins are as well. When we go out I'm the fat one which is so frustrating. Then there's my best friend from high school who has been on every diet ever and still not lost any weight. It's like you don't win.

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On Living With Your Wanderlust

@thisexactly I should preface what I say with I just got back from 2 weeks in Spain and Portugal. That was the best thing I have ever done. Also I'm pretty sure I'm going to Italy in the fall for at least a week with my mom. I think my issue is I feel like I keep going to the same places. My best friend is finally after 8 years of grad school graduating and we will plan the vacation we have been talking about since high school b/c we will both be gainfully employed. I'm just kinda of Europe-d out and am hoping to convince her to spend her money on SE Asia.

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On Living With Your Wanderlust

I read this article sitting in my cubicle secretly hating all my coworkers. I have spent my day stalking that guy I know on Thailand on Facebook, researching cities and airfare to go to southeast Asia and basically trying to GtFO. And no I have not done any actual work today. I would leave tomorrow but I can't imagine leaving my friends and family (we are freakishly co-dependent). I also am a planner so it would freak me out to be without regular medical healthcare. For now I guess I have my dreams.

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