On You Are Entitled to One Hour, Six Minutes, and 48 Seconds of Comfort

@hahahaha, ja. I know I'm tardy to the party, but I've had some great luck with Bass. I can't find the pair online that I got last summer, but they're super cute and comfortable gladiator sandals. They were also only about $30. If you have a Bass outlet nearby, I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

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On "What" a Note to Follow "So": Why I Am the Baroness

@swirrlygrrl Right? Guess who just found her new username.

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On The Over It Pie

@Nutellaface Your avatar makes this comment 100x funnier. I'm just imagining the Swedish chef force-feeding someone pancakes.

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On I Got Me a Man Named "Doctor Feelgood"

@parallel-lines I could watch this all day. Also, I just noticed Dawn's reaction in the background. Priceless.

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee Nope. I'm the same way and only a few years younger. Some of the things I've seen/heard peers due is mind blowing. However, full disclosure--I always identified with Statler and Waldorf growing up, so I may actually be an 80 year old man trapped in a young woman's body

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On Friday Open Thread

I successfully defended my thesis! I mean, I have a buttload of corrections, but it means I'm graduating! With honors! And I will never think about Charlotte Perkins Gilman again!

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On My So-Called Post-Feminist Life

Flames. Flames on the side of my face.
I can't even look at the comments, otherwise I'm going to have a rage stroke.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm so excited for tomorrow night! Since it's my last birthday as an undergrad, I decided to have a Bowie themed party, based partly on that Get This Look post last month. So pumped to dress up like Jareth and stuff my pants.

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On Friday Open Thread

Poetry-reading 'Pinners! I get to meet Natasha Threthewey on Monday(!!) and I've been trying to think of intelligent questions to ask her. Poetry isn't exactly my field of expertise, and I'm at a loss. Any suggestions so that I don't look like a total idiot?

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On Get This Look: McDonaldland

Well, it looks like I'm going to be sexy Grimace this year for Halloween.

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