By Judith Slutler on A Chat with Mikki Kendall and Flavia Dzodan About #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

Whoa, thanks for this interview. It's awesome that you asked about specific things that media outlets could do to combat erasure, Jia.

I'd just like to add as Probably Not the Reigning Queen of Critical Whiteness, that I am glad Ms. Kendall and others on the hashtag made the decision not to spend a bunch of time trying to qualify "white" and explain that by "white" they actually meant CERTAIN white people, etc. Personally I think so much of the issue here is that white people are not used to having our cultural habits, foibles & faults racialized. We just think whatever we're up to is normal and part of the default. That causes us to miss out on really important truths. The discomfort of feeling included in "white women" once in a while is worth the learning that can come from it!

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By enic on Pretty Women on Bikes

@laurel I had this weird conflicty moment two days ago because this middle-aged suit guy biked by and told me and this other woman not to ring our bells at pedestrians and I was like I DONT EVEN HAVE A BELL, STOP MANSPLAINING but at the same time, the other woman had dinged her bell at a) pedestrians in the crosswalk who had the right of way, and then even more egregiously, b) an 8 year old girl who was in leg braces and couldn't walk on her own getting dropped off by a car and walking with her mom through the bike lane to get to her destination. And this woman told the man "I was just letting them know I was coming" and "Bikes have the right of way in the bike lane" and at that point I was like "THAT WAS A YOUNG GIRL WITH A DISABILITY WHY WOULD YOU RING YOUR BELL AT HER AS YOU WENT ZIPPING THROUGH SORRY I HAVE TO AGREE WITH THIS MAN IN A SUIT HERE."

ugh new york.

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By queenofbithynia on Pretty Women on Bikes

@laurel meanwhile ugly women can feel free to crack their heads open and die without his interference. /ungenerous

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By highfivesforall on Pretty Women on Bikes

@Judith Slutler

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By laurel on Pretty Women on Bikes

@Judith Slutler It's just such a dude thing to be creepin' and pedantic at the same time. Mansplainery to the 10th power.

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By laurel on Pretty Women on Bikes

Ugh, Dav. As a bike-riding helmet-wearing lady I ask that you not stand there admiring my ass as I ride by and shout shit after me. It happens all the time and it makes me want to circle back and kick you in the solar plexus, then ride off trailing hearts in my wake.

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By queenofbithynia on Lionel Shriver on obesity and the surplus of attractive characters in fiction: "The solution is to get a grip and put human beauty in perspective"

The conclusion: "Besides, as I get older, I grow less involved with feeling beautiful than with finding beauty. I am happy to inhabit the eye of the beholder. I spot a young woman strolling down Broadway, smooth, lithe, bronzed from the summer sun, clad simply in a skirt that suits her, and I want to call out, “You will never look better than you do right now!”"

Chilling! Except is this intentionally chilling? this is really I think what a (if not this) whole essay should be about: how much of the vaunted "confidence" of female middle age is about arrogating to oneself the postures that men take with regard to young women and trying them on as a new and infinitely satisfying form of role-play. You hit adolescence and you're a piece of visual culture to be assessed, but it's ok because you just have to wait and wait and wait for twenty, thirty, forty years, and suddenly you're free, you fall off the stage and you get to be a heckler instead of a performer. You get to tell the new batch of beautiful objects how they rank and how well they please you, you get to be amused and detached because since because you no longer have the power to please, you're finally allowed to rank them on how well they please you. You are finally, as a woman, equal to a man, because just like men, you can be a consumer of the public spectacle that is young womanhood.

I completely can't tell if Lionel Shriver is underlining this because she understands how monstrously gross it is or if she's just trying to write a wry closing line, though.

also: the older I get, the more good-looking and the less attractive I become. the thing she says about beauty needing/requiring an audience is more or less true, too, so it's unsettling as it feels not quite real. not unpleasant, though.

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By Wookiee Hole on Swim With Mr. Darcy

Somewhere, somehow, Bridget Jones in screaming/flailing in approval.

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By YoungLeafedJune on Swim With Mr. Darcy

If anyone ever films a new P&P adaptation they should do the scene where Elizabeth visits Pemberly and sees a statue of Darcy with this statue. Everyone should just pretend it's totally normal. "Lizzie, is it a true likeness?" "Pretty true...TO MY DREAMS." Also who is the excitedest for Austenland?!

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By narwhalsandwich on Swim With Mr. Darcy

I will not rest until I know what the portion under the water looks like.

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