On Interview with Cutie and The Boxer's Noriko Shinohara

Wow, what a fantastic interview! I hope one day I can learn to be as honest with myself and with the world as she is.

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On "At what other moment in history would it have been plausible for a serial killer to identify middle-aged white men as his most vulnerable targets?"

Was it actually relevant that the murder victims were all white? Did the article mention that the murderer targeted white men? As far as I could see, he targeted men who he thought were unlikely to be missed and race had nothing to do with anything.

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On Lionel Shriver on obesity and the surplus of attractive characters in fiction: "The solution is to get a grip and put human beauty in perspective"

"making characters just happen to be fat would be socially naïve"

What does this mean? Why is it naive? Maybe it would be unrealistic for everyone in a book not to have bought into conventional beauty standards (though personally that sounds like a book I'd want to read, realistic or not), but why would it be naive for some characters to just happen to be fat? I mean, real life includes people who happen to be fat. That's the way reality works.

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On Friday Open Thread

I've had carpal tunnel syndrome since late last year and it hasn't been responding to physical therapy so my doctor thinks I need to get it treated surgically. Has anyone had this surgery before? What was it like? I've never had any kind of surgery before and I'm pretty freaked out.

I'd especially love to know what the recovery process was like -- how long it took and whether you were still able to use your hands. I'm a researcher so I can't do my job if I can't use a computer.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@beetnemesis This was the exact reaction I had to that scene -- I thought it was meant to show how out-of-touch Meryl Streep's character was and how she was so steeped in the Bizarro World of fashion that she didn't understand that none of that ultimately mattered to Anne Hathaway's character, but then it turned out to be some kind of profound, revelatory moment or something.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@SarcasticFringehead I think you're right that people look down on fashion because it's considered feminine, but I think the causality also works in the other direction -- women were socialized to care more about fashion because a) we were considered "the decorative sex" and b) we weren't supposed to worry our pretty little heads about important things.

Of course there are big cultural moments where fashion played an important part in social movements, etc. but by and large, following the latest trends on the runway IS frivolous. Not to say that we aren't all allowed to be frivolous sometimes, but I think it's fair to call it what it is.

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On Jennifer Lopez Sings "Feeling So Good" in Turkmenistan

I suppose, given the statue, Turkmenbashi could have really related to Lopez's line about feeling the sun shining on her face.

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On The "Real Thing" of Women's Writing: A Note for Stephen Marche

I love this article more than most things.

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On Minor Airplane Tragedies

@Emby Next time you do that, adopt an angry sneer and everyone will assume you are protesting the wearing of fur.

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On The Craving: One Woman's Salty Confession

@AuntAgatha (That is what my face looks like right now.)

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