On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@frigwiggin - my guess isn't that the coffee is brewed to COLD, but too HOT (or it's been sitting on a hot burner too long and gone stale or gotten burnt). This is why cold-brewed coffee usually tastes sweeter than conventionally-brewed coffee:

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On Interview With a Virgin: Ben


/ former lutheran

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On Be the Change, Jerks

I am almost always -- barring something horrendously wrong -- on time, or within a +/- 5-minute window for most things.

My policy? If I'm waiting for someone for more than fifteen minutes after the scheduled meet-up, I text with a cheerful "I'm here! What's up?!"

If they don't have a good excuse, and aren't there in another fifteen or so to boot, I send another cheerful text: "Ok, I'm having a great time here by myself with my book! Don't worry about coming out!"

And then, who cares. That's enough passive-aggression for a lifetime. And it feels pretty good.

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On "I know there may be compensations, but I have no heart to look ahead."

medieval. medieval. medieval.

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On Today's Toy Lunch

I am very old.

As soon as Mattel took over the franchise, they started making changes: de-emphasizing the historical dolls, playing up the new and cool clothing and the mini-me dolls (with their attendant consumerist mentality), and just in general debasing the quality of the fabric and materials used to make everything.

While I appreciate the nod towards diversity and AMERICA NOW that AG has become, I think that the original idea of the franchise was to provide young women with strong historical role models and to encourage engagement with American history, but since 1998 the brand has basically just been a yuppie privilege-measuring stick.

I am very, very old.

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On "New" Music: Charles Mingus, Sigur Rós

Based on the title I thought this was going to be a Sigur Ros/Charles Mingus mashup mixtape. Now I'm faced with the totally bizarre, seemingly impossible feeling of being disappointed by Sigur Ros and Charles Mingus.

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On Prost!

Darn, I was really hoping this post was "What to wear to MLA interviews."

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On Famous People I Thought I Saw on the Street, But It Wasn’t Them at All

I once saw John Michael Higgins (Best In Show, Arrested Development, A Mighty Wind) at a record store in England. I didn't know his name but I recognized his face, and went up to him and said, "Are you that guy from the Christopher Guest movies?!?!?!" To which he responded, "I am He."

I was so excited that I wasn't mortified for not knowing his name. Which I always have to look up every time I tell people this story.

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On The Nordic Natural, 1915 - 1982

I could look at pictures of Ingrid Bergman all day.

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On No Epiphanies Whatsoever

@Vera Knoop Awww, thank you (now back to said books. life is hard)!

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