On (Subtweeting) Home Sweet Home

Akron is not Manhattan, but anyone who has been to the Cuyahoga Valley knows that, though it is not Manhattan, Akron is a wonderful place to spend the Summer. <3 rubber city

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On A Campy Pirouette and A Scissor Leap: An Appreciation of Jesus Christ Superstar

I totally agree with this assessment, except there's no real discussion of the actual music (and you even call JCS a "play,"), but what about the genius of the musical composition? It's this perfect, self-ironizing blend of mid-twentieth century classical and avant-garde music with jazz-funk/blues/rock acid-tripping hippie stuff AND musical theatre. Really just stellar.

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On Six Weeks Alone on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Trail

I walked part of the trail in France that same year, for about ten days and 150 miles. I'd just had a horrible break-up, and vowed to spend the ten-day period being as angry and lonely as I possibly could before returning back to the real world. I don't know if it worked, but I definitely anger-ate about five tons of fresh farmhouse cheese on that trip. Je ne regrette rien.

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I fully admit that this is reverse-behind-the-back-one-handed-naked body snarking, but:

Anyone who has legs that could be mistaken for hot dogs needs to start back-squatting IMMEDIATELY. Quads are a real thing, and they should appear in photographs.

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On FKA twigs, "Water Me"

this is perfect.

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On HAIM, "The Wire"


I logged in to say EXACTLY this!!! Shania Twain's "Man, I feel like a woman" is all over this piece, so, Good Effort to HAIM but all I can think about now is being sixteen and standing in four-hour-long lines for the Raptor at Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast.

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On Royal Childhood: "Like Being a Tiny Lieutenant in a Very Well-Heeled Navy"


“What you say of the pride of giving life to an immortal soul is very fine, dear, but I own I cannot enter into that; I think much more of our being like a cow or a dog at such moments; when our poor nature becomes so very animal and unecstatic," Victoria wrote her daughter.

This, and a couple of the other quotations from this list, when removed from context, *amaze* me in their radical feminism. I'm not a Victorianist, not a scholar of Victoria (please is there a study of the Eugenics Movement and Queen Victoria?! for instance), and in private epistles they must've meant something different than a public tweet, but, God! just formally, you'd be hard-pressed to find a mom uttering this sentiment TODAY.

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On Fresh Hells


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On A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings, Part II

These words, together!! These words together are perfect, magic.

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On Enhance Your Mood by Drawing Food

This is definitely a Thing! The last three months I've been scrambling to finish my dissertation, and at the end of the day have been both too exhausted to do anything and too mentally agitated to relax. So I've been lulling myself to sleep by looking at pictures of cupcakes on instagram.

It works great. Sleeping well, albeit hungrily.

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