On At the End of an Email, Everyone's a Valedictorian

How do we feel about "Take care," ?!! I used to use Sincerely for anything formal (work, school) and now I feel like a doofus. THANKS HAIRPIN. JK but seriously. And do we really even HAVE to sign off? Isn't my name enough?!

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On "When [32] Celebrities Were Young"

Anybody else think young, nude Betty White is reminiscent of Scarlett Johansson?

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On Save the Dates, Boston and LA

@Daisy Razor I am attending expressly for the purpose of hearing the story behind that train exploding comment! Also, because I am moving to Beantown (from a rural-ish area that is not-so-far-away-yet-so-different) and I am AFRAID. Although, I can be mean, so maybe I won't be trampled, like, immediately. Gradual trampling?!

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On Is the Thin House...Too Thin?

@Nicole Cliffe Yeah, and thin houses have a hard time finding DRAPES, GODDAMMIT! Everybody makes drapes like big windowsills are all that houses have to offer! And I don't have big windowsills but I still want to feel like a LEGITIMATE REAL ESTATE COMMODITY!

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On Favorite Books of the Secretly Jerky

@science is sexy@twitter UM are we TWINS? I did the saaaame thing.

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On Favorite Books of the Secretly Jerky

@parallel-lines God, you are SO RIGHT.

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On Bisexuals, Clingy Exes, and the Return of the Heart/Vagina

@xine This is good advice! And unsolicited reaction: anybody who is storming out of the car at red lights and calling you a slut deserves for you to be making fun of his hissy fits with a new lovahhh who treats you so very nicely and always keeps all their limbs in the vehicle. :)

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On Bisexuals, Clingy Exes, and the Return of the Heart/Vagina

@palliata I second that emotion! That book blew my mind apart and then put it back together--smarter! :)

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On Women's Magazines Are Obviously Horrible

Does anybody else like "O" magazine or is it just me? I am not really the target audience (only early 20s), but I hate every other stupid women's magazine to the point that it's the only one I'll buy when I just need that feeling of glossy indulgence.

I'm so lame, but it's like, inspiring, guysssssss. Help me out here.

Also, holla to my ladies who read Bust and Bitch. Word.

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On Bad Friends, Poor Communication, and "Yeah, But You're Adorable-er"

@I'm Not Rufus I see what you're saying, but the assumption that it is the job of someone in the disempowered position to expose Privilege (whether it's gendered or racial or whatever) is unfair. Yes, it takes education and persuasion to make these views known, but why does it have to be the letter writer's job to do that?

I understand where you're coming from with "throwing people out." No, not every relationship that has a challenge should be cast aside. I think it's legitimate to have people in your life who challenge you. Grandma isn't really a fair example because I think many people would agree they make exceptions for behavior in family members that they wouldn't tolerate in chosen companions. The fact of the matter is that life is short, and maybe the LW doesn't need to spend her time feeling exhausted by the smug way this guy approaches issues of gender. I don't think those views are immutable either, but spending time combating sexist ideas in everyday life is enough for me. I'd rather not invite that kind of emotional stress into my more intimate relationships, because I prefer that my friends be people whom I can draw strength from.

Just like some folks have "dealbreakers" in romantic relationships, there can be similar parameters for close friendships.

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