On Ciara, "Body Party (Remix)"

YES. a Kelly Rowland track, an entire header tag dedicated to Lauryn Hill, and now this? bless you Emma. bless your 24-hour-old editor heart.

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On "Merry Go 'Round," Kacey Musgraves

I heard this the other day while doing a shameful combo of hate-and-nostalgia-listening to contemporary country stations and it was the only thing that made sense. Because I'd been listening to sickeningly false interpretations of "country" and "small town" life (I'm from both) all day, it was shocking to hear a song that subverts modern country tropes such as going to church on Sunday and getting married young. It's like a pop-country-station friendly lady version of Drive-By Truckers or the Dexateens (listen to "Can You Whoop It" immediately).

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On An Interview With Caitlin Moran

@hopelessshade that's exactly what makes her suspect. and @rambutan - those are exactly the people I know of who don't ID as feminists, plus people of color whose experiences are usually minimized or erased in mainstream feminist discourse. Perhaps it's generational. I've never heard a person of my age (early to mid-twenties) disclaim the term "feminist" because of perceived hairiness or whatever, it's always because feminism is perceived as exclusionary and useless to anyone except white cis women.

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On The Peaches Sound Amazing

the book comes with a lifetime supply of garlic and pepper y/n

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On "Grizzly Man" is on Netflix Instant

does anyone besides me think that herzog's 'bad lieutenant: port of call: new orleans' brought out nick cage's best performance in years or

god I love that movie

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On Farewell, Ray Bradbury

@heliotropegerbil8 "The Veldt" and "The Long Rain" will never ever leave my brain. I can still imagine perfectly the man covered in vines with his eyes washed white.

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On Farewell, Ray Bradbury

The Illustrated Man is my favorite Bradbury as well! I must have read it ten times between the ages of twelve and fifteen. My dad had the paperback edition pictured here and by the time I got done with it the front cover had almost fallen off.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Now That We've All Made Our Beds

@andrea disaster yep, I am about to spend the rest of my day congratulating myself for getting that immediately and brain-singing it in R. Kelly's voice. it's perfect weather for listening to it in the car too.

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On Orrr You Could Just Not Say Anything?

@Decca well you smartypants you here is an article that makes just that parallel! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ari-rabin-havt/this-american-life-mike-daisey_b_1363506.html

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On The Brigitte Bardot Makeover

ohhhhhhh i love this, you two ladies are supernatural. extraordinary. all i can do is aspire.

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