I live in NYC but I run a film festival in Australia.

On Beauty Secrets: Human Tears

WARNING: If you do this every day for a year, you get terrible puffy eyes that won't go away.

Having trouble crying? I can give you the number of a guy.

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On Places Where Single Women Are Encouraged to Seek "The One," and to Which I've Gone, Dutifully, to Befriend No One But Likeminded Women

@fondue with cheddar Ooh, how does one covert Customer at Work into date? I would very much like to do that... Advice?

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On A Lazy Man's Guide to Seducing Women

I am a big fan of #4, though I might be in the minority :)
Ugh, but #2 is so annoying.

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On It's a Fair Cop

For me it's movies. From my last relationship I inherited the Alien quadrilogy box set, Three Spike Lee Joints, and his entire collection of Wii games which I sold for $80 and bought myself a ticket to see Margaret Cho.

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On How to Start Making Chili

@Awesomely Nonfunctional mmm, pork rinds!

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On The Best Worst Movie

@Elleohelle I recently watched Birdemic (surely another contender for both Best Worst Movie and most awkward sex scenes), and The Room is still the best.

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On The Best Worst Movie

@Blackwatch Plaid and you're named after the best episode of Harvey Birdman!

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On The Best Worst Movie

THANK YOU FOR THE FILM POST! It was getting a little too literary up in here for me. Much appreciated.

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On Always Be Closing the Air Conditioning Vents

@Punk-assBookJockey My office does the opposite of this - in summer people (wearing jackets!!) are constantly turning the thermostat down below 70 "because it's so hot outside" and "it will cool down quicker" (um, no), and now it's fall we have it set to 76 even though we're dressed warmer. It's like people don't understand that the numbers represent a temperature that's consistent no matter how much it contrasts to outside.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: A Summer Reflection

@Tammy Pajamas I saw someone reading Atlas Shrugged in yoga once, and I think that constitutes a disgusting bathroom activity.

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