On Remembering Lilith: Tracy Chapman

Okay so I am an old -but at one point in my life I would buy albums at Tower Records by browsing through the racks and picking the covers I thought were cool. Oh hi Tracy! Oh hi white boy forcing every damn person he knew to listen to this as yet unknown artist. Can I just say that one of my favorite memories is being in the LA Coliseum with 80k other people singing along with Tracy and her guitar to Fast Car at the Amnesty International concert. I love her so much. So much.

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Babies are the rulers of poop - dogs are like the third cousin of the duke of lower Estonia in comparison. You know that one time when your dog ate that stuff and it made her poop all gooey and some of it didn't quite get all the way off and stuck right there? Yeah. That. All the time. Plus it gets, all squished up and into the crevices (crevasses ?) and the urine is all there too, and then once you get it all wiped off/up/around there is the white greasy stuff you have to smear all on there to water proof the cute little butt and the powder and such. And then the fold up the reeking poop package and put it in the poop pail. And you can't like ever really cheat and sort of pretend that maybe the poop wasn't so much that you don't have to clean it up, or that well it is the wilds and no one saw the dog do that there so I am just going to whistle and keep on going (I don't know anyone who does that of course and anyone who says otherwise is LYING). And then the babies - well they do this thing where they figure out that I can play with this stuff and smear it here and there and oh it goes in my hair too? and all over my sheets and yay smooshy playdough whee! If only they would just eat it like sometimes your dog does. That would be good. But no. Babies. Grand Doyennes of feces.

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

So...I was in a play and one of my castmates had a friend who had a pair of pitbulls who had a litter of 16 (!) pups. All of whom lived. So they were obviously anxious to find forever homes for the little ones. They asked around if anyone might be interested, I said yes, in a noncommittal sort of maybe-ish way. About six weeks in they said hey take one- I said, well 8 weeks maybe- 6 weeks too young in that maybe they will forget I said I was interested cause I don't really really want one actually kind of way. 8 weeks in they said hey now's the time, I felt pressured, but hey went to the pad to view the pups. They had already picked out the one they wanted me to take, but all of the pups got to run around and be puppies and check me out. The one they wanted for me had no interest in me. And all the rest all 80,000 of them (so it seemed) ran about and were adorable puppies with each other. But one, one, would not leave me alone. He jumped about on me, he licked me, he crawled on me, he jumped on me, when taken out of the room came back and attacked me with puppy love. He picked me. He was mine. I went from slightly guilty I will do this because I said I would to completely smitten how did I ever live without this amazing creature in my life. I took him home and can't be more enamored of his awesomeness even now almost two years later. I am helplessly hopelessly in love with this 80lb ball of muscle and energy and unconditional love and can't imagine a day without my Jasper. I am complete.

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On The ChocoVine Chocolate Red Wine Cake

My couchsurfer bro-in-law brought a bottle of that hideousity into my house. He knows nothing of liquor other than Applebee's so he thought he was being 'fancy' - when I looked in horror at the bottle he said "hey, chocolate and wine? I thought it would be like a truffle" it was most definitely not like a truffle. Unless you drop your truffles in cherry cough syrup and roll them in dirt. Then, yes, exactly like that kind of truffle. It sat in the fridge well beyond the 'drink by' date.

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On Gemini Solutions Professional Photographic Services

I find that the commercial photography section is quite instructive - apparently the real and imagined melty distortion of objects is a selling point. Who knew? http://www.geminisolutions.co.za/onder%20klere-1.jpg http://www.geminisolutions.co.za/muffens.jpg

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