On Explanations

@PistolPackinMama I'm beginning to suspect this was published as a sneaky way to encourage commenter bonding. Maybe it's a new feature? "Easy Target Wednesday: Captain Obvious Says Something Stupid, Everybody Punch Now!"

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On Explanations

@MrsTeacherFace Excuse me, but I think you mean we "females" are being a purse full of dicks. Or maybe a nice clutch. A clutch full of dicks.

Normally I love being mansplained at, but the men are being a steamer trunk full of bullshit today. And yesterday. And last century. The one before that, too. And before that. And that one too. Hold up, I think I'm seeing a pattern here. Maybe Larry can explain it to me.

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On Explanations

Hmmm. The tenor of pieces like this always remind me of the incredibly selfish and short-sighted people I knew in college who always looked askance at me for caring about the condition of the world and perhaps ruining their fun by pointing out unsavory facts about places they shopped or artists they loved (I was likely a prat about it. Not defending me here). Now they're on my facebook wall admonishing me to care about Issue X, because the world their children will inherit isn't good enough, and don't I KNOW that BAD THINGS are happening????!?!?!?

Yeah, I know. I've always known. Because I had empathy for others well before my own personal life experiences forced it out of me. Some of it is probably partially due to my female socialization in a patriarchal culture, that still demands I give head-pats and warm fuzzies to men who have really basic epiphanies about the humanity of women. Sorry, I mean, "females".

For fuck's sake...

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On I Don't Believe in Ghosts (So How Did the Empty Dog Kennel Break Down Our Door?)

@MollyRen@twitter Yes. TV has spoiled you. FOREVER!!!! ;)

I think a dog kennel implies a level of portability a few notches above actual dog house, but it could just be semantics. (I was picturing a self-contained cage rather than a permanent structure, especially given its travels through a glass door). So my money for that is actually on wild animal shenanigans. She said they were in the basement, so the time between a sudden loud noise and humans looking out the door is more than enough time for startled-previously-playful moose or bears to make an exit, especially into dense forest.

In terms of any seemingly-inexplicable phenomena, I'm just saying that the least likely explanation is ghosts. If someone - especially a kid - has been primed to think something is haunted, it's the first place their brain will go.

(Also, if I was going to be a parent, this is totally the sort of trick I'd be playing on my kids all.the.time.)

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On I Don't Believe in Ghosts (So How Did the Empty Dog Kennel Break Down Our Door?)

@olivebee Just speaking hypothetically, really, but there are many, many environmental phenomena, the knowledge of which the average person just doesn't have in their heads to draw upon for explanation of the weirdness of life. That was a convoluted sentence, and in no way am I saying I understand the details of these things, just that they happen and seem unexplainable, but really, really aren't.

I would LOVE actual evidence of supernatural phenomena! Who wouldn't?? But even with a million bucks at stake from the Randi folks, no one has been able to prove anything. So. You know.

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On I Don't Believe in Ghosts (So How Did the Empty Dog Kennel Break Down Our Door?)

I think human brains are totally fascinating. It's so much more interesting and oddly-comforting to attribute to ghosts what can be explained away by as-yet-unknown environmental factors, shifting and sudden winds, natural gases seeping out of the ground, pipes fluctuating miles away, and our totally unreliable pal, the human memory.

I AM tons of fun at parties, thanks for wondering!

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On 10 Things That Happened While I Read Wilkie Collins' 'The Woman in White'

"The Woman in Black," by Susan Hill. Faaaaaar superior to the recent film adaptation. Fans of eerie, Edwardian-style ghost stories will also love the television adaptation if they can find it!

Did anyone else never manage to get through the Tara Fitzgerald version of The Woman in White? So boring. And I love costume things. I'll even sit through those tedious and terrible Catherine Cookson movies. Drunken father, questionable paternity, someone is always dying of fever, THEN WAR HAPPENS, truths are revealed, there's usually an evil woman scheming for money because vaginas are greedy!, noble youngest son of landed gentry falls in love with shopgirl, etc... Hilarious.

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On Good Boyfriend, Bad Boyfriend: The Game

@sophia_h Bonneville played the creepy abuser Mr. Grancourt in "Daniel Deronda." Dude was the WORST.

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On Friday Open Thread

@par_parenthese Thank you! They totally are! I've never been to an audition feeling well-rested or prepared (no matter how much I prep) or confident or with anything in my stomach...all very smart and optimal, truly. I just can't get past all the anxiety. Going to go crazy with the exercise tonight and try to get rid of some of that energy. I'm hoping being so familiar with at least one of the auditors tomorrow will help, too.

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On Friday Open Thread

@CeeJay Cregg Thank you so much for the well wishes! And yes, I do have a tendency to get ahead of myself because anxiety...pushing baby shower worries to back-burner!

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