By Diana on What a Difference 34 Years Makes


He's slowly turning into an amalgamation of characters from every movie he's ever been in. Like, obviously he's been taking the Captain Jack Sparrow look at least nine bridges too far for awhile now, but when he came out at the Grammys it appears he's now paying tribute to his role in Willy Wonka by turning into a goddamned Oompa Loompa. I'm waiting for him to start incorporating scissor hands in public or something.

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By Atheist Watermelon on What a Difference 34 Years Makes

@parkerb yeyeeeesss... benny and joon johnny depp= MOAR PLEASE pirates of the caribbean johnny depp= meh. and i actually *have* a thing for men in makeup.

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By teaandcakeordeath on Dates and Dates

@H.E. Ladypants
"My second boyfriend was a vampire. Now, when I read this on JDate I thought it was a joke, the way men write under profession, “clown school” or for birthplace, “another planet.” I LOLed, it was so funny. (I’d never seen a velvet-collar person on JDate.) When he called his voice was sexy and raspy and I didn’t realize it was because he’d pulled an all-night feeding shift, and by the time I realized he actually was a vampire it was too late because he'd already devoured my soul."

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