On Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

#5 is "No Dessert, Dad, Till You Mow the Lawn"

I completely forgot about it until that description triggered a memory of Joanna Kerns (the mom from Growing Pains) smoking. Thanks to IMDB for doing the rest! and also, thanks to the movie for having an extremely obvious title.

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On The Fault in Her Stars

I know I am kind of late to the party AND someone has already mentioned natal charts, but that's seriously where the fun stuff is. They're very long and extensive and are interesting and accurate. AND mine personally matches to my Meyers Briggs personality test almost perfectly. I like to read monthly/daily horoscopes for my sun signs because they're silly and it's like taking a quiz in the back of a Cosmo or something but once you get past the frivolity of astrology, it can be fascinating to look into!

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On What a Difference 34 Years Makes

Obviously, 80s and 90s Johnny Depp was humina humina status, but I do not get people that still find him attractive. I find everything about him at this point to be super annoying. The weird British/American hybrid accent he's sportin' now? Please stop.

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On Eight Days Alone In: London

@Manchester Tart
I am super excited about Manchester! I've been doing lots of research and the size and culture of it seem neat, particularly the music scene. I will probably take you up on some recommendations :)

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On Eight Days Alone In: London

This is relevant to my interests! My brother and his wife just moved to Manchester and I am going to spend a few weeks there in about a month (to bring their cat lol). My bro is probably going to be busy with his Ph.D stuff, but hopefully at that point, my sister-in-law will know where to go, but I foresee a lot of exploring by myself, especially for nightlife activities, as neither of them are particularly into that. And I'm definitely planning a weekend trip to London.

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On Mixed Signals, Mirrors, and Two Accidental May-Decembers

LW3: I am so glad you brought up the name thing. I have been in A FEW situations with dudes where they never said my name and I would get paranoid they didn't know it, even though they of course knew it. It sounds insane, but I swear it's a good judge of character. When I am with a guy and they make a point to say my name (especially in text messages), it's definitely a plus.

Recently I was out with a group of people including a guy I had been sleeping with and I gave my "saying a person's name has underlying psychological significance" speech and he's been using my name a lot more often.

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On The Best Time I Made a Celebrity Think I Was a Moron

I once saw Cynthia Nixon on the street; I fantasized about running up to her and enthusiastically saying I loved her in Amadeus.

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On Florence + the Machine, "What the Water Gave Me"

I just decided I wanted to know more about her and when I went into wikipedia and typed in "Florence Henderson" I was very surprised by the results. Woops.

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On Bangs or No Bangs: The Eternal Hair Question

If this was any other time of the year, I would be super sad that I cut all my hair off, but I am visiting my sister in Atlanta and the temperature nears 100 degrees everyday; pixie is the way to go. I did have bangs before and when they were just the right length/I actually took the time to do my hair, I felt very stylish. I suppose I could do bangs how, but I have a problem where unless they are a long side swept or straight across blunt, they tend to just stick straight out. But yeah, I am generally pro bangs and any sort of desire to actually grow my hair again usually stems from seeing someone with really cute bangs.

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