On Servicio Técnico

@fondue with cheddar Ha ha - Back when I too lived internationally, I met this big, burly Scotsman who regaled us with the story of how a simple translation/ pronunciation mistake got him an awful lot of funny looks when he'd just moved to France. You see, he used to be a submariner. In French, a sous-marinier. But somehow he'd got it all confused and was saying he had worked as a suce-marin - literally someone who sucks off sailors. Apparently, he'd been using the expression for a good couple of weeks before anyone dared to put him straight. Bless.

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On Solo RSVPs and the Crypt Keeper of the Bride

@chapstick Seconded. My house plants have been hovering in that twilight zone betwixt life and death for YEARS now, they were all presents from either my boyfriend's mother or his grandmother, and every time I look at them I wish either for an "Ask a potted plant" segment,or for them to hurry up and die so I can prove what a bad mother I'd be to any future (human) offspring we might have one day and be done with it! Titles could include: "how to stop feeling guilt-tripped by your leafy, green pals" or "get rid of your house plants, seriously, they are disgusting" or, and I'm going out on a limb here, "Repotting plants is fun! And you really should do it right now!"

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On How to Write a Resume, Part One: Practices to Avoid

@bangs But everyone knows science is where the clever people go. No doubt you'll be off saving (wo)mankind while I'm just sat at home wondering what use my humanities degree will ever be to the world. I wish I'd understood/ tried harder to understand maths and science!

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On How to Write a Resume, Part One: Practices to Avoid

@melis Oh, if only we had an imperfect subjunctive in English, then I could be an even bigger grammar juicebox! But hélas, that is only a dream; a country into which we would have never been born. And while past perfect = pluperfect, I can't help but tip my hat to someone whose grammatical knowledge extends to the dreaded woopsidaisy tenses, be they imperative or otherwise.
On a side note, I got asked the other day to explain the difference between the present simple and the present complicated (she meant present continuous) and I reckon that all tenses should henceforth be known as 'complicated', 'bloody complicated' and 'here be dragons' ; It would make life easier all round.

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On How to Write a Resume, Part One: Practices to Avoid

I might be missing out on some American humour here, but please don't use tense names if you are going to get them wrong. It hurts my brain! I have no problem with typos and grammatical mistakes, we all make them! Especially me! But tense names are sacred, so deep breath and here goes:
'It will be said' is not future-past-perfect, but future simple, passive voice. 'Future past perfect' does not exist, your choices are either the future perfect = I will have done, or the past perfect = I had done. (Future perfect passive = it will have been done, past perfect passive = it had been done)
EGH makes the same mistake in the article: 'have been' is not the future perfect continuous, but rather the present perfect simple (I have lived) or part of the present perfect continuous (I have been living.)
The future perfect continuous is like this: this time next month, I will have been reading the hairpin for one year, and I will have read many more excellent articles and comments (future perfect.)
If you really want to complicate things, and apparently I do, then a future past perfect continuous, passive tense is entirely possible – this time next month Pippa Middleton’s behind will have been being discussed for one year. Four auxiliaries. Count them. Now try and use one in conversation, I dare you.

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On Learning to Love Ben, Part Four

@(not so) wise owl Agree with all your points, especially 5 - (I liked Monica too!) and 6 - Run back to your PhD Emily, run! Confronted with Courtney's transparent, ickle-girl, damsel in distress manipulation, the genuine anguish writ large across Ben's face was priceless. Scarcely ever have I seen a grown man look so stupid.
Also, this is the first time I've watched this kind of show - how do they all manage to spout such crap about feelings all the time? And does anybody really believe they'll find true love on a tv show? My mind boggles

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On Eight Things to Know Before Moving to Beirut

@descie Teaching English really isn't so bad, but OMG where can I find a job that means I can stop teaching English? Seriously though, being an ESL teacher can actually be quite fun, I just wish my family would accept that it's a real job :(

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On One Hundred and One White Women

@emilythe5trange Yes yes yes - everybody I urge you to click on the about link!

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On What Old Book Do I Read If … ?

Yes! Also, LW1 made me think of this quote from Elliot's first novel, Adam Bede:
"Family likeness has often a deep sadness in it. Nature, that great tragic dramatist, knits us together by bone and muscle, and divides us by the subtler web of our brains; blends yearning and repulsion; and ties us by our heartstrings to the beings that jar us et every movement"

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On My Case With Accutane

@realtalk No one else has brought this up, but along with the extreme lip and skin dryness, my eyes got super dry to. It was agony trying not to scratch them out of my face!But maybe that was just me. It is the whole vitamin A derivative thing that got me thinking that maybe there's a link between the infections I get now and this drug I took in the past - like maybe it damaged the way I absorb vit A or something? But really it is just wild speculation on my part.

was I warned about possible depressive side-effects? Not so much, I think that back then , even though it'd been available in the U.S for some time, docs in the U.K weren't so totally clued in to the negative aspects. The whole 'don't get pregnant thing' was mentioned but there was no pledging... I guess my GP figured I was too young to be having intercourse. He was wrong, but happily I was a careful teen and didn't make any potato babies. I will also say that roaccuatane did clear the shit out of my spots (losing the bacne was the best) and that I've probably just forgotten how awful it was to be the girl at school who had a face that moved (and not in the normal way). Seriously, I used to think that pus was the only thing holding the skin together on my face!

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