On Driving Alone

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On Driving Alone

I'm heading off on Sunday for 3 weeks travelling around Cambodia and Vietnam solo, and this is a great confidence boost. I'm still a freshman in college, and I know my parents are scared as shit about it, but I genuinely think this is already the most exciting thing I've ever done.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

No, but seriously... I tell everyone I know, male or female, about the Hairpin because it's one of the best written, warmest, funniest blogs I know. And because the commenting community are AMAZING. Mission accomplished, right?

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On Woman Not a Fan?


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On On Being Unexpectedly Crummy at Breastfeeding

My mum never even tried to breastfeed me, as it hadn't worked out with my older sister and had actually just resulted in a lot of pain/stress. I was on formula since day one, and I write this now as someone who has never had serious health issues of any kind, has never suffered depression, and is at a seriously academic university, which I like to think suggests I'm not stupid? Anyway, this is just my personal experience, but it's important to know that despite all the terrifying (irresponsible) statistics and NaziMothers online, sometimes breastfeeding just doesn't work... and everything else works out fine. I think a mum who's not killing herself over milk is probably the better mum. Just a thought.

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On What Old Book Do I Read If ... ?

@Diana In answer to the first question, you read Middlemarch. It will blow your mind in a really good way, and keep you occupied for a pretty long time, let's be honest. Shit is longggg.
To be honest, the answer to the second question is Middlemarch too- just pretend to yourself that George Eliot was actually a bona fide Dude, and you can throw the Dickens (shudder) away.

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On Ask a Married Dude: Frackers Love Too

Poor effort, Dude. Poor effort.

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On Ask a Married Dude: Frackers Love Too

@melis Aaaaaaah When Harry Met Sally reference- I love you I love you I love you!

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On Fifty People Answer: "What's Your Favorite Memory?"

The Lady Gaga fan and his mum. Oh my gosh. So cuteeeeee.

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On The Evolution of Ape-Face Johnson

Definitely articles like this that initially had me hooked on the Hairpin.

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