How to React to a Blemish in the 17th Century

Brought to you anonymously by the Academy of Pleasure in 1656. READ MORE

Joan Who Crawled Across London With a Candle Up Her Butt

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Seventeenth-Century Preparation H

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Floors in Art

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Painful Groins in Art

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Bras in Art


The 17th-Century Breastoration: A Time Before Bras


The Mouse That Crawled Up Inside A Man, And Other Urban Legends Of The 17th Century

The Internet, Preserver of Our Fleeting Shames, also resurrects the lovely (because distant) indignities of the past. Prominent among these is the Athenian Mercury, the semi-reputable 1690s London advice column—put out by a group of misfits who called themselves The Athenian Society—to which many a citizen turned when wondering why people swoon at the sight of cats or laugh in the presence of pork. READ MORE

Surprising Jewelry in Art

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Dogs on a Mission in Art

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