On I Fled a Bear and Won

People's (tourists) utter stupidity when it comes to wildlife never ceases to amaze me. We were also in a national park last weekend, and there were a few herds of elk and goats on the road, and even my boyfriend, who really does know better, jumped out of the car and got really close while trying to take pictures. Aaaaaaaah you're going to get charged and gored. Also once we were in Golden back when they had the bear preserve, which had an electric fence...the bus load of Japanese tourists who were there definitely couldn't read the sign saying it wasn't the best idea to touch the fence, because bears and electricity. That one almost ended badly.

Also unnerving: five minutes into our isolated hike last weekend, a pile of fresh bear scat on the trail. Every cracking twig = bear. (spoiler alert, no it didn't.)

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On Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin

I have a friend who, despite having lost her virginity (her term, not mine, because I don't believe in the concept) in a summer fling, is now in a relationship with a very Christian, anti-premarital sex kind of guy. For the longest time, she was afraid to tell him because she wasn't sure how he'd react...and when she did, of course he was "hurt and disappointed." Which is some kind of bullshit, if you ask me. The only person you should be accountable to about sex is yourself. Anyways, they've been together for about 1.5 years, and still haven't done very much. If you're happy that way, great! I'm glad!

...but if you look me (who is currently in a fantastic relationship in which sex plays an important role) in the eye and say you "can't really respect or take seriously people who say sex is necessary for a relationship", then I'm going to be annoyed as all hell. Just because it isn't for you doesn't mean it isn't for others as well.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Visited Calgary

@gobblegirl I AM SO EXCITED AAAAHHHH. This is only my third year going at all (I only started when I started volunteering), but it is the Most Fun. My crew had our meeting earlier this week and I've basically been stoked ever since, so.

I have never been to Yellowknife's! But I hear Dawson City's is also good.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Visited Calgary

I looooooooove the Calgary FF (and was super jealous of the lineup this year: Mangum AND Mangan in one night? AAAAAAH), but my favorite still has to be Edmonton's, because of the community and how nuts the whole city goes for it -- stand on the hill at dusk, when people start lighting their candles, and you'll understand. (I also volunteer, and it's always the best weekend of the whole summer.)

That said, last year at the YYC one, dancing in the rain to BRAIDS, was one of the best things ever.

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On Friday Open Thread

@WhiskeySour Me too! I'm going to see it tonight and I'm just bouncing up and down in my chair.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Infinite Jess I did! Improv is always the best time, and it helped a ton. And re: wait times, I think so. It's the average given on the website, anyways.

@whateverlolawants @papayalily @The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Thank you for all of the hugs. 'Pinners are also good peoples.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Infinite Jess It's not money, I'm in Canada and it's covered by provincial health care. As far as I know, though, there's only one clinic in my city, and when I called to book, they were into the first week of July. It could be a lot worse, though, so I'm grateful for that...oh, basically every time I read American news.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Xanthophyllippa Luckily I've had both of these things in abundance since the other day. The few friends I've told about the parasite thing and my (honestly saintlike, even if he did have to leave for the weekend) boyfriend have all been incredible and supportive. My people are the best people.

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On Friday Open Thread

This fucking week, I swear. It was my birthday the other day, then the day after that I found out that I'm pregnant and can't get an abortion till July (with a fucking IUD, so that was pretty cool), I had two things due in my spring class, and then, to top it off, there was a shooting/armed robbery on my campus last night that left three people dead.

So I'm going to bake some cookies and then maybe go to improv, because godDAMN. And also make Prometheus jokes about the thing in my uterus, as is only right (does it mean I'm mostly okay with it if I can still joke? My brain says yes.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@chnellociraptor Fringe festivals are the best! I can't wait until August for ours, even if I will spend too much money and end up seeing at least one awful show.

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