On Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

In my case, it's because of my short my short hair and because I'm a ridiculous, unlovable harpy. :(

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On The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

If my vagina could talk, it would say "Shut up, Eve Ensler."

I get what Vagina Monologues is trying to do and am generally on board, but as something to watch, it's hamfisted, irritating, ineffective, and now getting to be dated. There is a long and unfortunate history of women being reduced to their body parts (wombs, vaginas, boobs, asses, etc.), and I don't think Ensler did us any favors with her play.

Her heart is in the right place, but Eve Ensler's work doesn't seem to be very effective or well-thought-out--this dancing business included. Fun-sparkly-colorful-free-spirited-woowoo does not necessarily equal activism. Sure, it's fun and feels good but rarely (if ever) has any demonstrable influence on the people and institutions that actually effect social or political change.

And I will always hate The Vagina Monologues.

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With the Fug Girls

ZOMG I love the Fug girls! And the Hairpin! And AHP! THE BEST WORLDS ARE COLLIDING!

And now to read the article.

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On I'll Have a Hoagie and a Soderpop

@A. Louise Yep, definitely a devil strip! (I'm from northeast Ohio.)
@Cat named Virtute Naw, a boulevard goes down the middle of the street.

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On Which Name Is Weirder, Saxby Chambliss or Barkevious Mingo? The Answer May Tell You Whether or Not You're Racist

Idaho (and, I think, Utah) wins for weird/stupid names. http://jessica-jensen.blogspot.com/2013/04/names-2012.html

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On "AMERICAN: With the prefix 'all,' a blonde."

@OhMarie & @RK Fire This sounds right to me. Community/ies based on certain shared characteristics of the members within a larger community in a geographic or municipal sense. Often with much overlap among the smaller communities.

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On "AMERICAN: With the prefix 'all,' a blonde."

@iceberg, @fondue with cheddar

The definition in the article and both of your interpretations just blew my mind. I am inarticulate and don't have anything to add right now (Should "[group] community" be avoided? Do we need to look at this whole business in a completely new way?), but more conversation on this, please!

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On Pretty Women on Bikes


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On Friday Open Thread

I am STRESSED TO THE MAX over some drama within the community theater group (heh) I'm with. It involves bad timing, bad communication, and me being irritated that everyone else thinks they can do my job (graphic design). Secretly, though, I feel barely competent at the things I profess to be proficient at (graphic design, life, etc.). I also feel like I ain't fooling anyone and that everyone knows I'm an untalented dope.

In positive news, I'm adopting a dog and he's coming to live with me on Sunday. YAY!!!

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

Anything by John Bellairs, especially the Johnny Dixon stories. SO GOOD. And they have to be the editions with the Edward Gorey covers and frontispieces!

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