On What It's Like to Get a Biopsy

i left my first colpo feeling really nasty, but i've had several since and each time it's less traumatizing. you can pre-medicate if you need to with ibuprofen or aleve, which should avoid some of the cramping. if yr ob/gyn is just doing a cervical biopsy without endometrial curettage (actually biopsying the os of the cervix) it should be less painful. i can't imagine that any ob/gyn who has been in practice very long has not heard of a clump of monsel's falling out after a few days... that seems quite strange.

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On What It's Like to Get a Biopsy

just fyi. the tissue/blood clump is actually what is called monsel's solution and it is used to stop bleeding. it acts like a scab and then falls off in a few days. other discharge, like the thin brown discharge is lugol's solution, which is an iodine solution used to make the lesion more visible. also, if you get a colpo, the ob/gyn will use a vinegar solution to make the lesion more visible as well (which i thought was totally strange the first time i had a colpo).

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