On Working Girl

Eden Sher as Joan Cusack. Miles Teller as Alec Baldwin,

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On A Reasonable Review of One Direction's New Album, Which Is the Best Album Ever

TRUE One Direction fans know that Liam was the Brian Jones of 1D, the one originally picked for stardom, then thrust aside when it became clear that other members had more spark. (Harry is Mick Jagger in this analogy, for obvious reasons, which makes Zayn Keith Richards. I'll allow it.) Watch the X Factor performances, he gets loads more screentime and solos than anyone else.

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On JoJo, "Anything" (Live)

I was in the audience for this performance Ask Me Anything

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On Songs to Have Heard

Supreme, Spin and ... one other?

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

From my time in GOT fandom, it seems Gendry is way too low here and Littlefinger way too high. Anyone agree?

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On Also, No Corporate Income Tax

" Tax carbon emissions. Yes, that means higher gasoline prices. It's a kind of consumption tax, and can be structured to make sure it doesn't disproportionately harm lower-income Americans."

OK, so we just find a way to do that and things will be awesome! No need to explain HOW we'd do that.

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On Talking With My Exes' Exes

@Reginal T. Squirge I CANNOT believe I missed that when it was originally published. Thanks!

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill

Is anyone else amused by the fact that LW 4's situation is the complete and total opposite of the standard Ask A ____ template?

Instead of "This guy is awesome but yadda yadda and now he did bad things to me," it's "i did bad things to this guy, but yadda yadda and now here's how much he sucks."

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On Morning Gathering

PETE'S CANDY STORE! I'd know that proscenium anywhere!

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On Laura Marling's "All My Rage" Video

My sister, who is also a Hairpin reader, introduced me to Laura Marling. Thanks, sister!

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