On How the Nutcracker Wrecked My Christmas

Oh man, this is wonderful. I was never in a Nutcracker, but went a bunch of times when I was little, and kind of liked it, and kind of didn't care, depending on the year. Then a few years ago I rekindled my Nutcracker flame. My mom and I go almost every year, and I LOVE IT, and am super nostalgic about it... despite a childhood of being lukewarm about it. The music, choreography, story, and little kids dancing is all just too much. It's nice to hear what the ritual was like for someone on the other side of that proscenium.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@Jolie Kerr Maybe owning your weirdness equates to cool, especially on the internet, where it's not plain how weird you are, the way it is in life. (I mean weird as a good thing, too.)

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@likethestore me too, I had no idea it had just started back then. I miss Pot Psychology. But ultimately it was the comments climate at Jezebel that made me throw up my hands and give up. And now, here, the very first comment on this is about triggers. I don't know.

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On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

"When parents are saying, 'We do not feel we can adequately cope with that issue,' I believe them."

This is so perfect and eloquent.

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On I Want to Believe: Discovering the Inner Scully

@supernovice Holler to this. I just turned 30 and I'm so glad to leave my dramatic, overwrought, stressed out twenties behind me. Growing up is great. Also this:


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On Is He a Crazy Douchebag Wizard?

No matter how we think it's going to end, the LW could actually take a simple tack with all this: Figure out what she wants, and ask for it. If he can't actualize what she wants, then she decides whether to deal with it, compromise, or end things.

It seems like what she WANTS, really wants, is a steamy, sexy, fun, meaningful, respectful, open and loving grown-up Relationship with this man. So she should tell him that, and see what he says.

(But if he says "I want that too, but laaaater," that counts as "No.")

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On Company Eggs, the Very Best Pork Tenderloin Marinade, and Mash

I'm confused about the part of the recipe where the eggs are "slightly beaten". So do you just whisk them up a little, but not really blend into one yellow mix? What do the eggs look like once it's cooked?

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On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

@letterwriterfour If she stays with the guy forever, then she's stuck with a mom-in-law friendship she doesn't want forever. No time like the present to establish boundaries. It'll just be harder to change later. Obviously she shouldn't be dismissive or rude about it, because don't be mean and also keeping the woman happy is a good investment. But protecting MIL's feelings and doing exactly what she wants don't have to be the same thing! It's just one of those relationships you have to carefully manage. If there's a way to establish a comfortable boundary and also make the future-maybe-MIL feel happy and cared about, great. It would be cool if the boyfriend can help figure out how to do that, since he knows her pretty well and all. But ultimately the LW should live her life the way she wants.

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On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

@finguns Also, what if they break up? Why should she have to invest all this time in cultivating a relationship that might end if/when the relationship ends? Live yo life, LW. You do you.

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On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

@maevemealone thank you. yes.

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