On I Swear I'm Going to Be a Really Cool Bride

Jesus chris, this is so it.

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On "I Don't Fucking Care If You Like It"

@saul "the bear" berenson Right. It's the whole thing of "Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked "female".'

Maybe I will get a t-shirt that reads, "Hi, I'm sending a message to myself, from me, and it's just between us, privately. Thx!"

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On "I Don't Fucking Care If You Like It"

Yeesssss yes yes yes!

So last night I finished reading The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P, and of course I immediately wanted to read more by Adelle Waldman. The New Yorker published a great essay of hers about the problem of female beauty. Here's one good bit that's relevant to the barometer that's calibrated to "dude":

"Beauty is often treated as an essentially feminine subject, something trivial and frivolous that women are excessively concerned with. Men, meanwhile, are typically seen as having a straightforward and uncomplicated relationship with it: they are drawn to it. The implication is that this may be unfortunate—not exactly ideal morally—but it can’t be helped, because it’s natural, biological. This seems more than a little ironic. Women are not only subject to a constant and exhausting and sometimes humiliating scrutiny—they are also belittled for caring about their beauty, mocked for seeking to enhance or to hold onto their good looks, while men are just, well, being men."

And here's the whole article:

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On OK, Cupid?

@Bostonienne Yes yes yes!!!!

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On OK, Cupid?

@dougsbeard What!??!? Yes!!!! This is wonderful!!!!

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On My Nom de Peen: The Surprising Effects of a Male Pseudonym

@Crystal Kopp@facebook Your comment sounds really vindictive. I think you missed the point here.

I liked this piece a lot, and think it points out something tricky in a really simple and effective way. Thanks for sharing it, Bryn.

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On Spin, Measure, Cut: Hobby Lobby and the Tangled Skein of Reproductive Rights

@15427285@twitter Yes, he does, and his employees should enjoy the same rights. Green should make his own reproductive decisions, and his employees should make their own reproductive decisions.

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On Sangria Recipes for a Sweaty Summer

"I mean, don’t buy Franzia chillable red in a box"

But are you SURE???

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On Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Esquire's Concerns About Her Drinking

What happened to the comments section of the pin?

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On My Special Friend

It's so true. These winter boyfriends get more demanding each year.

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