On After a Lawsuit, Texas Hospital Finally Lets Marlise Munoz Go

@coolallison Wait. WUT.

I can't even make intelligible sounds right now. Yes, all Mr. Munoz had to do was wait.

While his wife bloated with fluid and shat out her own intestines and had her blood run constantly through a machine that took the place of her failing kidneys because the drugs we use to keep dead bodies "alive" cause a lack of circulation in things like kidneys and intestines and toes and fingers.

If the hospital had won the decision, he'd have then only had to wait until a baby, with minimal development of its lower limbs and brain damage from a lack of oxygen, was delivered by Cesarean section and kept on machines until it, too, gave out completely.

Ooooooo the things I hope for that lawyer.

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On After a Lawsuit, Texas Hospital Finally Lets Marlise Munoz Go

Everything about this is horrible, the protesters are the worst, and somebody needs to school them in science, STAT.

Then make them take care of somebody who's been on full-on life support for six weeks. I've done it, and it was the most horrible week of my life. If they're gonna protest a rational decision, let *them* see the consequences.

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On Brain Trouble


I'm a neuroscience nurse working in a neurocritical care unit. One of the things we deal with all the time is chronic migraine. We occasionally get folks with chronic cluster headaches, but migraines are the big thing that will bring people in for days at a time.

We use dihydroergotamine (DHE) IV, lidocaine drips, beta-blockers, Imitrex, Namenda, caffeine infusions, a Benadryl and Reglan protocol, dry-needling, physical therapy, psychological counselling and biofeedback. . .and sometimes something will work. Most of the time, though, the women--and 99% of my returning patients are women--who have migraines just learn to deal with them, the way you have.

Watching someone who's in so much pain that they can't even move their arm to shield their eyes from the light, but instead just sort of twitches miserably is awful. What's worse, in a way, is how many of my patients have learned to behave somewhat normally, even during an attack, so they don't lose jobs or alienate their families or lose custody of their children. They can smile and nod and act *almost* okay, which makes other people disbelieve them even more.

Chronic pain is a bitch. Chronic pain that's unrelated to a visible injury and has been typified as a woman's or malingerer's problem is even worse. I wish I could wave a wand and make the migraines stop. Or, at least, offer some sort of therapy that's actually effective.

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On Man Quits Internet: Goodbye, Hugo Schwyzer

@bluebears Coming in late to this whole thing feels sort of like walking into a room where you expect a party and instead find a fire, filled with sharks and jellyfish and enthusiastic insurance salesmen. You want to run away, but instead you dig around, because you can't figure out how the hell all this stuff got into the living room.

How did this guy get a job, is my first question. And how did he start getting published in popular magazines and online? And WTF did Jezebel really hire him, and oh well, I guess that's why I quit reading Jezebel a couple-three-four years ago?

Having now read his goodbye, parts one and two, I hope that he gets a good therapist, gets his meds straight, and breaks all his fingers in a tragic accident. By the time they've all healed enough for him to type, maybe everybody will be ready to ignore him, because holy shit what a weirdo.

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On Six Decades of Harriet the Spy Covers

@C_Webb Yep. Mine is the 1964 version, and I got all my ideas about New York from it.

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On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

Moissanite bezel-set in silver here. Moissanite is lab-created out of silicon (the original source is meteorites; how cool is that?) and is almost as hard as a diamond. Everything is recycled in my ring, including the stone. It's teen-inesy, and I love it, because what with the small size and the bezel setting, it'll be practically indestructible.

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On Call the Dolphin

@avidbiologist I think you have those two mixed up.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled, tolerant, caring Mingus.

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On Call the Dolphin

@Daisy Razor That was my first thought.

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On "It Was There, and It Was Gone"

@Mingus_Thurber HAYS. Where'd that extra E come from?

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On "It Was There, and It Was Gone"

This seems like a good time to remind folks to do two things, if at all possible:

1. Donate to the Red Cross. Please make a general donation, not one that's earmarked for this or any other disaster. The RC has its problems, yes, but they're the main relief group out in OK and in TX at the moment. You can text REDCROSS to 90999 and a ten-buck donation will show up on your next phone bill.

2. Donate blood if you can. There's always a shortage of blood, and times like this make local shortages much more acute. You don't have to be near Oklahoma or Texas to do so; blood banks all over the country coordinate and transport blood and blood products where they're needed.

The most common cause of injury and death in storms like this is folks hit by flying debris, folks who sustain trauma in car rollovers, and people who had heavy things fall on them. All of those cases are likely to need blood at some point in the future, so every donation helps.

Y'all keep your collective heads down. Be safe.

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