lavender gooms

lavender gooms

Native Rhode Islander, into reading (pretty much everything but mystery novels for some reason), video games, knitting, cooking. My Real Simple subscription is the most organized thing about me- Ask a Clean Person and A Femme's Guide to Home Improvement ASTOUND ME. Getting a bra fitting was one of the most amazing recent experiences of my life. No lie!

By angelan on Friday Open Thread

I started playing Dragon Age again but now I'm at the Deep Roads and I remember why it took me a year to finish it the first time.

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By Nicole Cliffe on "The tragedy of Obama's presidency is that he's too much of a Ravenclaw and not enough of a Gryffindor."

Saying you're a Ravenclaw is a total humblebrag.

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By discombobulated on Marriage, 2013

"if instead of giant parties with pretty dresses and champagne, weddings were brief, solo walks through a gutter followed by an exchange of mud clumps, there might not be so much divorce. Maybe? I don't know."

Wow, I think the super-expensive wedding is actually an impediment to me getting married. If my boyfriend and I came from families where weddings were City Hall ceremonies with no rings, no dress, no extended families, no food or drinks, no dancing, and no photos, we would have gotten married years ago. But as it is, it's hard for us to get married without disappointing people, spending too much money, and stressing ourselves out.

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By SarahDances on Get It, Girl

"GW Principal George Aulenbacher, on the other hand, didn’t see anything wrong with hosting Stenzel. 'The only way to guarantee safety is abstinence. Sometimes, that can be a touchy topic, but I was not offended by her.'”

Breaking news: Straight, white, Christian male authority figure fails to comprehend why something could be offensive because he personally isn't offended. Story at 11.

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By lisma on What a Difference 34 Years Makes


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By olivebee on Scandals of Classic Hollywood: In Like Errol Flynn

On a distantly-related note: there is a cat at the shelter at which I volunteer named Feral Flynn. He is a disheveled, grumpy old man-cat, so...not much like his namesake.

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By itiresias on New David Bowie, "Where Are We Now?"

receiving transmission from david bowie's nipple antennae

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By Nicole Cliffe on Be the Change, Jerks

On the flip side, as an early person who sometimes has crazy things happen, like we all do, the feeling of being late is like hot pokers and boiling oil and roiling shame.

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By supernintendochalmers on You Can Still Count Resolutions If You Start Them Today

My resolution is to stop reading Internet comments, except on The Hairpin.

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By Ophelia on An Interview With a Former Beauty PR Manager

@Nancy Sin I don't think it smells bad, but I wore it in college, and now it is permanently etched into my brain in association with that time period, so I can't really wear it now.

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