lavender gooms

lavender gooms

Native Rhode Islander, into reading (pretty much everything but mystery novels for some reason), video games, knitting, cooking. My Real Simple subscription is the most organized thing about me- Ask a Clean Person and A Femme's Guide to Home Improvement ASTOUND ME. Getting a bra fitting was one of the most amazing recent experiences of my life. No lie!

On Friday Open Thread

@angelan The Deep Roads put me off the Dragon Age series entirely.

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On Goosebumps for Grown-Ups

Ugh, I got the 3 AM (Actually 1:45) Call From Dad.

In less awful news, my other adult Goosebumps are So Many Bugs in the Kitchen, Dad Vs The Web Browser Toolbars, and What Food Will We Suddenly Refuse To Eat Today? A Story About Cats.

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On "Nipples on a C or D-cup can accelerate up to 45 mph in one second, faster than a Ferrari"

My zip-front sports bra gave into the strain and unzipped itself while I was jogging this morning. Thank god I was only running around the block so I could duck back into my apartment foyer and get everything hauled back into place.


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On Friday Open Thread

Forest of Illusion! I like that the arrows in the picture show the double path between the ghost house and the first level... it took me the longest time to realize that that's where my missing 96th and final level exit was located. So tricky!

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On Friday Open Thread

@muggles Gamer here - no 3DS though. I finally got my own gamertag on the XBox (been sharing with my boyfriend for years) but I'm not sure if I'll keep it, particularly since I think we're going PS4 instead of Xbone.

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On Friday Open Thread

@blueberry mary No Strings Attached! (Song, not album)

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On Peeing in Space

Fear not, peeing (and pooping!) on the ISS seems to be much less restrictive than on the Soyuz.

Tour of the ISS by Sunita Williams.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frenz.lo My coworker (she of the endless open-mouthed gum chewing and audible singing) only converses with me in the strangest, passive-aggressive ways. Usually it has to do with the way I dress, which she has deemed "...interesting," even though I am seriously a pretty boring dresser, and can't wrap her head around the fact that I like to try different food trucks for lunch.

This week, she expressed surprise at the size of my lunch bag. She exclaimed that she had never seen such a large lunchbag. (It's like if a small totebag were flatter? I guess?) So weird. The only time she talks to me is to talk about how whatever completely normal thing I am doing is just so far out of her realm of experience that she can barely comprehend it.

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On What Goes With Your Netflix Marathon

@Trinette Magoon Vodka Rocks.

And a piece of toast.

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On Better Safer Sex

Every time one of these threads comes up I feel like such an outlier. Neither I nor my boyfriend have any real distaste for using condoms. Sensation wise, it seems to be about the same for the both of us. Sometimes we use them when we don't have to!

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